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Premier Trainee Positions


The Atlanta Braves Premier Trainee Program is designed for applicants who are interested in beginning a career in professional sports. Each year, the program hires individuals with diverse backgrounds who are ambitious, intelligent, and creative, to work in a department from January to November. This opportunity yields valuable experience in the day-to-day operations of a professional sports franchise.

Our Trainees are provided professional development, an exclusive series of conversations with Executives, opportunities to innovate, and other programming to prepare them for a successful career. It not only gives the opportunity to work in a Front Office environment, but also the opportunity to network with those in the sports industry who can provide guidance, advice, and possible job opportunities upon completion of the program.

The Atlanta Braves Premier Trainee Program is open to any qualified applicant who has a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Trainees are expected to work at least 37.5 hours per week and may have additional game day responsibilities (depending on department assignments). We offer competitive pay and an outstanding benefits package.

If you believe this is the fit for you, then you are encouraged to apply beginning October 1st!

Trainee Positions include

  • Ballpark Tours
  • Braves Foundation
  • Corporation Communications
  • Corporate Partnerships - Sales
  • CRM Operations and Development
  • Entertainment and Events
  • Event Operations
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Guest Services
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Partnership Services
  • Production
  • Retail Distribution Center
  • Retail Operations
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing
  • Special Events
  • Stadium Operations
  • Ticket Operations
  • Ticket Sales
  • Youth Baseball & Softball