Atlanta Braves Front Office

Officer / Executives

Title Name
Chairman Terry McGuirk
President & CEO, Atlanta Braves Derek Schiller
President & CEO, Braves Development Company Mike Plant
President, Baseball Operations & General Manager Alex Anthopoulos
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer Greg Heller
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Jill Robinson
Executive Vice President, Minor League Affiliates & Strategic Planning Chip Moore
Executive Vice President, Chief Culture Officer DeRetta Rhodes, PhD.
Vice Chairman, Emeritus John Schuerholz

Baseball Operations

Title Name
Vice President, Scouting Dana Brown
Vice President, Baseball Development Mike Fast
Assistant General Manager, Research & Development Jason Paré
Assistant General Manager, Player Development Ben Sestanovich
Special Assistant to the General Manager Bobby Cox
Senior Director, Baseball Administration Dixie Keller
Director, Baseball Operations Adam Sonabend
Director, Minor League Operations Ron Knight
Director, Latin American Scouting Jonathan Cruz
Assistant Director, Research & Development Josh Malek
Special Assistant, Scouting Operations, Jonathan Schuerholz
Manager, Baseball Systems Garrett Wilson
Lead Developer, Baseball Systems Michael Copeland
Developer, Baseball Systems Isaac Lee
Senior Data Scientist Evan Tucker, PhD.
Coordinator, Research & Development Kyle Sargent
Analyst, Research & Development Evan Olawsky
Analyst, Research & Development Stephen Loftus
Assistant Director, Major League Operations Doug Wachter
Special Assistant, Major League Operations Tyler Flowers
Manager, Major League Operations Caelan Collins
Coordinator, Major League Operations Kenny Dorian
Coordinator, Major League Operations Tom O’Donnell
Analyst, Major League Operations Jeremy Dorsey
Analyst, Major League Operations Robert Sanders
Analyst, Major League Operations Will Siskel
Analyst, Major League Operations Matt Winn
Analyst, Major League Operations Casey Ciucci
Trainee, Advance Scouting Jack Byrne
Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting Ronit Shah
Assistant Director, Baseball Development Analytics Colin Wyers
Trainee, Player Development Analytics Kyle Johns
Data Scientist Christina Zaccardi
Assistant, Baseball Development David Lee
Manager, Family Relations Rafael Becerra
Coordinator, Family Relations Seth Heizer
Bill Lucas Fellow Terrence Pinkston
Cultural Development Coordinator Fernando Pineres
Manager, Minor League Video & Technology Kyle Clements
Minor League Video Coordinator Sean Reagan
Assistant, Player Development Technology Tucker Meredith
Assistant, Player Development Dylan Quantz


Title Name
Director, Team Travel Jim Lovell
Director, Equipment & Clubhouse Services Calvin Minasian
Manager, Visiting Clubhouse Fred Stone
Assistant Manager, Equipment & Clubhouse Services Eric Durban
Assistant Manager, Equipment & Clubhouse Services Chris Hunter
Manager, Baseball Video Operations Rob Smith
Advance Scout Braeden Schlehuber

Medical Staff

Title Name
Head Team Physician Dr. Tim Griffith
Director Medical Services Emeritus Dr. Joe Chandler
Director, Player Health/Head Athletic Trainer George C. Poulis
Assistant Athletic Trainer Jeff Stevenson
Assistant Athletic Trainer Nick Flynn
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Brad Scott
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Jordan Wolf
Head Physical Therapist Nick Valencia
Assistant Physical Therapist Marcus Ahrens
Physical Therapy Consultant Pete Cicinelli
Massage Therapist Nate Leet
Performance Nutritionist Patrick O’Brien

Accounting & Finance

Title Name
Senior Vice President, Controller Kimberly Childress
Vice President, Controller Ben Phanco
Assistant Controller, Atlanta Braves Meghan Dishroom
Assistant Controller, Braves Development Company Stacy Wiglesworth
Manager, Technical Accounting Zack Bennett
Manager, Payroll Matt Eaves
Manager, Accounts Payable Dontae Allen
Senior Accountant Michelle Thompson
Senior Accountant Shannon Avery
Senior Accountant Terrence Willoughby
Staff Accountant Dan Gallman
Staff Accountant II Stephen DeGuenther
Staff Accountant I JéLena Parks
Staff Accountant I Alexia Raper
Accounting Assistant II Miranda Jones
Accounting Assistant II Cheryl Edmund
Specialist, Accounts Receivable Daniel Deluzio
Payroll Specialist Erin Swirk
Title Name
Vice President, Finance Roxanne Porch
Senior Financial Analyst, Baseball Celia Jeffords
Senior Financial Analyst, Braves Development Company Ian Sullivan
Trainee, Finance Spencer Roberts

Corporate & Premium Partnerships

Title Name
Senior Vice President, Corporate & Premium Partnerships Jim Allen
Vice President, Partnership Services Brad Jones
Administrative Assistant Lana McSwain
Corporate Partnerships
Title Name
Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships Trey Workman
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships Mark Lehman
Manager, Corporate Partnerships Chad Clarke
Manager, Corporate Partnerships Hank Cobb
Manager, Corporate Partnerships Derek Houston
Manager, Corporate Partnerships Drew King
Manager, Partnership Services Kenny Tracy
Coordinator, Partnership Services James Cooper
Coordinator, Partnership Services Sara Dolan
Coordinator, Partnership Services Robyn Oliver
Coordinator, Partnership Services Tyler Holley
Coordinator, Partnership Services Brian Smith
Premium Partnerships
Title Name
Senior Director, Premium Memberships BJ Mitchell
Manager, Premium Memberships John Farrell
Manager, Premium Memberships Michael Stiles
Manager, Premium Memberships Jason Webber
Manager, Premium Memberships Alex Ingle
Senior Account Manager, Premium Memberships Taylor Calderon
Trainee, Premium Partnerships Madi Dalton

Executive Services

Title Name
Executive Assistant to Terry McGuirk Paige Graham
Executive Assistant to Derek Schiller Natalie Lopez
Executive Assistant to Mike Plant Christina Huff
Executive Assistant to Alex Anthopoulos Elizabeth Terán
Executive Assistant to Greg Heller Eve Porter
Executive Assistant to Jill Robinson Debra Cody
Executive Assistant to DeRetta Rhodes, PhD. Erica Daniel
Executive Assistant to Adam Zimmerman & Jim Smith Crystal Digby

Facility Operations & Engineering

Title Name
Senior Vice President, Facility Operations Eric Perestuk
Grounds Crew
Title Name
Senior Director, Field Operations Ed Mangan
Manager, Field Nicholas O’Gara
Manager, Field Steve Peeler
Assistant, Grounds Crew Mike Bradberry
Title Name
Director, Engineering Mitch Norton
Director, Facilities Dawn Gepfer
Manager, Shipping & Receiving Aaron Holloway
Projects Manager Ried Prestwood
Assistant Manager, Facilities Rory Martin
Administrator, Mail Operations Kobe Wharton
Locksmith Lead James Stovall
Electrical Lead Scott Sheppard
Electrician II Joe Mauldin
Electrical Technician James Jackson
Electrical Technician Bradley West
HVAC Lead Christopher Johnson
HVAC Technician Pablo Rodriguez
HVAC II Technician Steven Hill
HVAC II Technician Detronn Harris
General Maintenance Lead Chris Colquitt
General Maintenance Technician II Miguel Borjas
General Maintenance Technician II Joseph Burgess
General Maintenance Technician Kenneth Banks
General Maintenance Technician Brian Bernard
General Maintenance Technician Brett Parr

Guest Operations & Strategy

Title Name
Senior Vice President, Operations Hannah Basinger
Project Manager, Guest Operations & Strategy Mary Elizabeth Cox
Administrative Assistant Anastasia Davis
Ballpark Tours
Title Name
Senior Director, Ballpark Tours, Braves Heritage & Hall of Fame Carolyn Serra
Manager, Ballpark Tours, Braves Heritage & Hall of Fame Sam Wallace
Guest Services
Title Name
Director, Guest Services Chandler Faccento
Manager, Guest Services Lamar Lewis
Manager, Guest Services Anna Matthews
Analyst, Operations Michael Nolan
Senior Coordinator, Guest Services Katie Hearn
Coordinator, Guest Services Andrew Ellis
Coordinator, Guest Services Joanna Doherty
Coordinator, Guest Services Kyle Santarsiero
Trainee, Guest Services Nicosha Wilson
Event Operations
Title Name
Director, Event Operations & Procurement Alan Hearn
Senior Manager, Event Services Kaitlynne Grice
Manager, Event Logistics Zach Wilson
Senior Coordinator, Event Services Haley Paakaula
Coordinator, Event Services Jamiya Brinson
Coordinator, Event Logistics Bruce Stephenson
Trainee, Event Services Drew Lacy
Trainee, Event Logistics George Parker
Special Events
Title Name
Senior Director, Event Sales Dawn Truemper
Manager, Business Development Peter Srodoski
Manager, Events Katy Barahona
Trainee, Special Events Brantlee Vickers

Hank Aaron Fellowship

Title Name
Henry Aaron Fellow Sterling Bright
Henry Aaron Fellow Zoe Watkins

People Capital

Title Name
Senior Director, Talent Management Art Evans
Senior Manager, People Capital Meghan Pogue
Manager, People Capital Ashley Guy
Coordinator, People Capital Brandon Stewart

Information Technology

Title Name
Senior Vice President, Head of Technology Services Scott Waid
Director, AV Technical Services Chip Graham
Director, Platforms/Applications Paul Lupcke
Director, Cyber Security & Infrastructure John Baxley
Senior Manager, IT Engineering Brian Howell
Manager, IT Operations Michael Lothamer
Senior Display Systems Engineer Mark Phipps
AV Engineer Andrew Tanguay
IPTV Engineer Casey Comeaux
Systems Administrator Zachary VanDyke
Network Engineer Louis Jackman
Process Analyst Katherine Markey
Analyst, IT Desktop Support Deon Campbell


Title Name
Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel Jonathan Smith
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel Jason Domir
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel Robyn Farmer
Senior Manager, Legal Services Heather Metzger
Senior Manager, Legal Services Amy Wall


Title Name
Vice President, Communications Beth Marshall
Title Name
Director, Communications Sarit Babboni
Senior Coordinator, Corporate Communications Kara Zoellner
Baseball Communications
Title Name
Director, Baseball Communications Jonathan Kerber
Manager, Baseball Communications Jared Burleyson
Manager, Player Relations Franco Garcia
Coordinator, Baseball Communications Mitch George

Business Strategy

Title Name
Senior Vice President, Business Strategy Jim Smith
Vice President, Business Intelligence Justin Watkins
Senior Business Analytics Specialist Cole Alford

Community Affairs & Atlanta Braves Foundation

Title Name
Senior Director, Atlanta Braves Community Affairs & Executive Director, Atlanta Braves Foundation Danielle Bedasse
Manager, Community Affairs & Atlanta Braves Foundation Kathryn Worsham
Manager, Community Affairs & Atlanta Braves Foundation Simone Walls
Coordinator, Community & Foundation Natalie Johnson
Coordinator, Community & Foundation Avery Floyd
Trainee, Community & Foundation Cassidy Cason


Title Name
Senior Vice President Marketing and Content Adam Zimmerman
Alumni Relations
Title Name
Director, Alumni Relations Greg McMichael
Trainee, Growing the Game – Baseball Douglass Licitra
Trainee, Growing the Game – Softball Janie Webb
Fan Experience
Title Name
Vice President, Fan Experience Scott Cunningham
Director, Production Scott Brooks
Director, Entertainment & Events Geoffrey Schmidt
Editor Trevor Terry
Editor Terrance Beavers
Editor Alan Brazzell
Motion Graphic Designer Adam Feldhaus
Coordinator, Entertainment Madison Lockrem
Coordinator, Entertainment & Events Taylor Koesters
Coordinator, Mascot Jacob Mosella
Trainee, Entertainment & Events Ryan Neighbours
Trainee, Production Will Carlon
Title Name
Vice President, Marketing & Innovation Greg Mize
Senior Director, Creative Insung Kim
Senior Manager, Marketing & Advertising Jori Palmer
Manager, Digital Media Content Ricky Mast
Senior Coordinator, Marketing and Advertising Jon Moses
Graphic Designer Daniel Easley
Graphic Designer Aaron Ward
Coordinator, Digital Marketing Victoria Rossman
Coordinator, Marketing & Advertising Katie Kovacs
Trainee, Marketing & Advertising Kennedy Looper
Trainee, Graphic Design Eric Pellicano
Trainee, Digital Marketing Becca Fallon


Title Name
Director, Retail Lisa Williams
Senior Manager, Retail Buying Operations Kathy Hakiki
Senior Manager, Retail Operations Allen Sandberg
Senior Manager, Retail Authentics/Marketing Alyse Costa
Manager, Inventory & Distribution Center Bart Sepulveda
Manager, Retail Operations Sydney Van Alstyne
Manager, Braves Clubhouse Store Richard Fuller
Assistant Manager, Braves Clubhouse Store Danielle Williams
Senior Coordinator, Retail Buying Zac Lesher
Coordinator, Distribution Center Jon Vazquez
Coordinator, Retail Buying & Marketing Taryn Taylor
Coordinator, Retail Merchandising Shelby Ringle
Coordinator, Merchandise & Distribution Center De’Andrea Hall
Coordinator, Retail Assistant Buying Camille Hatchett
Coordinator, Retail Operations Emaeus Thomas
Trainee, Retail Crista Simon

Stadium Operations & Security

Title Name
Vice President, Security Brian Haynes
Director, Security Vernon Nix
Senior Manager, Security Pam McIver
Senior Coordinator, Security Operations Barbara Middlebrooks
Coordinator, Stadium Operations Juwuan Tolbert
Supervisor, Security John Alvarez
Supervisor, Security Robert Touchstone
Supervisor, Security Penny Seabrooks
Supervisor, Security Duane Timmons
Supervisor, Security Delmar Wright
Supervisor, Security Justin Carter

Ticket Operations

Title Name
Senior Vice President, Ticket Operations Anthony Esposito
Senior Manager, Ticket & Financial Operations Jessica Lee
Senior Coordinator, Ticket Operations Cory Dalin
Senior Coordinator, Ticket Operations Taylor Guy
Senior Coordinator, Ticket Operations Gloria Wickham
Coordinator, Ticket Operations Dawn Dzierzynski
Coordinator, Ticket Operations Kathleen Jackson
Coordinator, Ticket Operations Hunter Tomko
Coordinator, Ticket Operations Emmanuel Slaughter

Ticket Sales

Title Name
Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales Paul Adams
Senior Director, Ticket Sales & Service Joel Vece
Senior Director, Membership Sales & Service Andrew Walters
Group Sales
Title Name
Senior Manager, Group & Hospitality Sales Seth Condra
Director, New Ticket Initiatives Stacey Nicely
Senior Account Executive, New Ticket Initiatives Celeste Fredericks
Senior Account Executive, Group & Hospitality Sales Rick Coller
Senior Account Executive, Group & Hospitality Sales Daniel Ingold
Account Executive, Group & Hospitality Sales Evan Avery
Account Executive, Group & Hospitality Sales Robert Lotspeich
Account Executive, Group & Hospitality Sales Charlie LeCroy
Account Executive, Group & Hospitality Sales Ansley Lloyd
Account Executive, Group & Hospitality Sales Sidney Sorenson
Account Executive, New Ticket Initiatives Isabel de Armas
Membership Sales
Title Name
Director, Ticket Sales Richard Thornton
Director, Membership Sales Dan Eanes
Team Lead, Membership Sales Nick Hefley
Senior Account Executive, Membership Sales Bobby Lindsey
Account Executive, Membership Sales Jon Snowden
Account Executive, Client Services Emily DeVito
Account Executive, Membership Sales Carly Zabow
Account Executive, Membership Sales Will McConnell
Account Executive, Membership Sales Jordan Bradford
Account Executive, Membership Sales Alex Gilstrap
Account Executive, Membership Sales Cayce Bell
Associate, Ticket Sales Alex Schroeder
Trainee, Ticket Sales Drew Swank
Trainee, Ticket Sales Matthew Shuler
Trainee, Ticket Sales Trent Whitmire
Trainee, Ticket Sales Boston Brown
Trainee, Ticket Sales Margaret Crick
Trainee, Ticket Sales Sam Marshall
Membership Services
Title Name
Senior Manager, Membership Service & Engagement Programs Danson Smith
Senior Account Executive, Membership Services Stacy Condra
Senior Account Executive, Membership Services Nabil Yang
Senior Account Executive, Membership Services Danielle Brumbeloe
Account Executive, Membership Services Audie Franza
Account Executive, Membership Services Cory Hawkins
Account Executive, Membership Services Kameron Watson
Account Executive, Membership Services Miranda Mims

Braves Development Company

Title Name
Executive Vice President, Braves Development Company Jeremy Strife
Vice President, BDC Marketing Lauren Abernethy
Vice President, BDC Operations Billy Rowland
Vice President Leasing & Business Development John Thursby
Vice President, BDC Security Dale Bolenbaugh
Senior Manager, BDC Marketing Kacey Dodd
Manager, BDC Operations Bryan Woodfork
Manager, BDC Operations Matt Wolfenbarger
Executive Assistant to Jeremy Strife Christine Ramirez
Senior Office Coordinator Kylie Guckian
Coordinator, Events & Partnership Mia Bolton
Maintenance Technician IV Todd Ayers
Maintenance Technician II Justin White
Maintenance Technician II Ryan Jerman
Maintenance Technician Christian Pearson
Trainee, The Battery Marketing Sydney Scarborough