Code of Conduct

The Atlanta Braves have adopted a Guest Code of Conduct designed to protect the comfort, safety, and security of everyone on the premises. The Atlanta Braves reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or to remove any person who violates this Guest Code of Conduct.

The following actions are prohibited:
  • Smoking (including electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and vaporizers) except in designated areas;
  • Behavior deemed by Braves personnel to be inappropriate, unlawful, or disruptive (including the use of profanity, abusive or derogatory language, symbols or gestures and playing of music without the use of headphones);
  • Betting-related, abusive speech and/or behavior that is directed at Players, Players’ family members, Club personnel, or umpires
  • Illegal or criminal activity;
  • Possession or use of illegal drugs;
  • Possession of guns, weapons, or other materials which may be considered hazardous or dangerous;
  • Wearing clothing that displays profanity, pornography, violence, support of drugs or drug use, gang symbols, derogatory sentiments, or which promotes discrimination against any group. Shirts and shoes are required at all times;
  • Unauthorized drones, unmanned vehicles and remote-controlled vehicles;
  • Fighting or making threats, including threatening gestures;
  • Loitering, solicitation, ticket resales, and unauthorized commercial activities, including driving or parking vehicles with advertisement wraps, logos, or decals;
  • Skating, board riding, bicycling or use of motorized personal vehicles on sidewalks or restricted areas;
  • Littering, damaging, defacing, destroying or removing property;
  • Intentionally throwing, dropping, or placing items or objects onto the playing field; and
  • Distributing materials, demonstrating, conducting interviews, taking professional photos, videos or audio recordings without Braves approval.
Additional Considerations:
  • Alcoholic beverages must be purchased on site and consumed in a responsible manner. Anyone who appears to be impaired by or under the influence of alcohol or another substance may be denied entry or ejected from Braves facilities.
  • Guests are expected to comply with lawful requests from Atlanta Braves personnel.
  • Guests should only sit in seats for which they have tickets and may be required to present their tickets to Atlanta Braves staff upon request.