Truist Park A-to-Z Guide

The Truist Park A-to-Z Guide was developed with one goal in mind: to assist our guests! A variety of accommodations are offered to make your experience an enjoyable one. The Atlanta Braves take pride in serving our guests and hope the Truist Park experience will bring you back many times in the future.

All information listed here is subject to change.


50/50 Raffle

The Atlanta Braves Foundation will sell 50/50 raffle tickets from the time gates open until the bottom of the seventh inning. Fans are able to purchase tickets directly from their seats on their mobile phone or from designated uniformed ticket-sellers around the ballpark. Fans can purchase tickets from their mobile phone once they have checked in to the geocached areas at The Battery Atlanta/Truist Park. The "jackpot" total will be updated and displayed in real time throughout the game. At the top of the 8th inning, the winning number will be posted on the LED board located in left field below the Coca-Cola Home Run Porch and on The winning ticket may be claimed at the guest services booth located at Section 111. Winner does not have to be present to win.

To purchase tickets online, visit or click the 50/50 Raffle button on the MLB Ballpark app.



With the help of an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) consultant, Truist Park was designed to be universally accessible and comfortable for all guests. Truist Park provides services and amenities specifically for fans. These include accessible parking, elevators and escalators, courtesy rides, accessible seating, accessible restrooms, lowered concession counters, drinking fountains, and an accessible seating concierge service.

For information on accessible seating and parking for individual games, please contact the accessible seating department at (404)-577-9100 (Option 5) or [email protected].

Our accessible seating specialists are committed to accommodating each guest with reasonable and appropriate accommodations based on each individual's needs.

Accessible shuttles are available in Lot N29 and can accommodate guests in wheelchairs or motorized scooters. Complimentary golf cart service is also available for guests parking in Lot N29, Red Deck, Orange Deck, Delta Deck, Braves 9 and Braves 11. Please note the golf cart service can only accommodate foldable wheelchairs and walkers. All shuttle services begin 2.5 hours prior to first pitch and end an hour after the game has ended. Shuttle services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Please alert the parking attendant if you would like to utilize this service when entering above-mentioned lots.

A complimentary wheelchair service is offered once guests arrive at the Truist Park gates. Guests can receive a complimentary wheelchair escort to and from their seats or other areas within the ballpark. Fans may request a wheelchair in the Ballpark app beginning 2 hours prior to first pitch or by connecting with a Braves or Guest Services representative on-site at Truist Park.

Accessible parking spaces are available in Lot 29 & Red Deck. Further details on accessible services may be found at

Address and Phone Numbers

Atlanta Braves - Truist Park
755 Battery Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30339


Atlanta Braves - Truist Park
PO Box 723009
Atlanta, GA 31139-2704

Executive Offices: 404-522-7630
Season Tickets & Multi-Game Packages: 404-577-9100 (Option 1)
Current A-List Members: 404-577-9100 (Option 2)
Group Tickets & Single Game Suites: 404-577-9100 (Option 3)
Accessible Seating Departments: 404-577-9100 (Option 5)
Special Events (non-baseball events): 404-614-2363
Ballpark Tours: 404-614-2310
Merchandise Orders: 404-523-5854
Special Events: 404-614-2177


Advanced Ticket Sales

Advanced ticket sales are available online only by visiting

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into Truist Park. The sale and service of alcoholic beverages at Truist Park is managed by DELAWARE NORTH SPORTSERVICE. All guests are required to provide photo I.D. when purchasing alcoholic beverages.

The sale of alcoholic beverages ends at the bottom of the seventh inning at ballpark concession stands. Premium clubs will offer extended service. Alcoholic beverage service may end earlier at DELAWARE NORTH SPORTSERVICE & ATLANTA BRAVES management discretion.

Alcohol service policies at Truist Park include:

1. The legal drinking age in Georgia is 21. The sale and service of alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21 or any visibly intoxicated person is prohibited.

2. Presenting fake ID by an underage person for the purpose of purchasing alcohol is against the law in Cobb County. Violators are ejected and subject to Citation by local Law Enforcement.

3. All DELAWARE NORTH SPORTSERVICE servers and management staff are certified by an alliance of professional and collegiate sports, entertainment facilities, concessionaires, stadium service providers, the beer industry, distillers, broadcasters, governmental traffic safety experts, and others working together to promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at sports and entertainment facilities.

  • Acceptable forms of identification, at point of purchase, are as follows:
  • Valid State/Territory Issued Driver's License with a Photo
  • Valid State/Territory Issued Photo Identification Card
  • Valid Passport (Written in English)
  • Valid U.S. issued Passport Card
  • Valid U.S. Military Identification Card with date of birth.
  • Valid International ID*
  • Guests over 21 years old with International identification other than a Passport (in English), may present their ID to a DELAWARE NORTH SPORTSERVICE international ID trained representative at Guest Services (Section 111). Upon validation, the guest will receive a tamperproof gold wristband printed with "International ID Verified". Guests may then present their ID for positive match, and wristband at any location to purchase / receive an alcoholic beverage. DELAWARE NORTH SPORTSERVICE venue and local alcohol rules apply, regardless of the alcohol service rules in the guest's home country.

4. Guests may only be in possession of a maximum of two (2) alcoholic beverages at any time while on the premises. This limit may be modified to less at the discretion of DELAWARE NORTH SPORTSERVICE. Guests in possession of more than 2 alcoholic beverages will have the excess beverages confiscated.

5. Alcoholic beverages may not be taken into or out of the Xfinity Club, Delta SKY360 Club, or Truist Club after alcohol service has concluded in non-club areas.

6. The ATLANTA BRAVES reserve the right to remove any guest who is being unruly or disruptive due to his or her intoxication, as well as deny any individual who appears intoxicated during his or her entry into Truist Park. Guests over 21 years old with International identification other than a Passport (in English), may present their ID to a DELAWARE NORTH SPORTSERVICE international ID trained representative at the Designated Driver Kiosk (near the Chop House Restaurant entrance.) Upon validation, the guest will receive a tamperproof gold wristband printed with "International ID Verified". Guests may then present their ID for positive match, and wristband at any location to purchase / receive an alcoholic beverage.

7. Guests (adults) providing alcohol to minors will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

8. Guests possessing alcohol who do not have proof of being 21 or older will be subject to arrest and citation.

9. Guests are not permitted to leave Truist Park with alcoholic beverages. Employees monitoring the exits will request that the guests finish or dispose of alcoholic beverages before exiting Truist Park.

A-List Member Service Center

The A-List Member Service Center features knowledgeable Braves ticketing staff to assist with A-List Membership needs. Interested members should contact the Braves for more information on A-List pricing, amenities, and memberships at The A-List Member Service Center is located across from the Hank Aaron Statue in Monument Garden.

A-List Season Ticket Membership

The Atlanta Braves A-List Season Ticket Memberships make sure you have your seat for all the best matchups at Truist Park. Special benefits for A-List Members include discounts around Truist Park and The Battery Atlanta, exclusive access to Member-only events and experiences, and priority Postseason ticket options. For more A-List Member benefits, visit If you have questions about the Atlanta Braves A-List Memberships or wish to discuss current availability, you may contact an Atlanta Braves Membership Expert by calling 404-577-9100 (Option 1) or visit us online at You can also meet with a Membership Expert in-person at your next Braves game by visiting the Sales Table located in Monument Garden just outside the A-List Service Center.

Alumni Sundays

Braves Alumni Sundays are another exciting feature of weekends at Truist Park. Former Braves Legends are on the Georgia Power Pavilion in The Plaza at 11:30 a.m. for pregame autograph sessions (subject to change). Alumni scheduled to appear are also subject to change without notice.

For more information on these and other promotions, please visit


We welcome trained service animals recognized by federal law at Truist Park. "Service Animals" are defined as dogs (or in some cases, miniature horses) that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Service animals must be leashed and under the control of their handler at all times. We ask that handlers connect with a member of the Truist Park Greeter or Security teams if they need to relieve their service animal after being admitted to the Truist Park event. There is an exit and re-entry process and Braves staff can assist with this at all Truist Park gates. All other animals are prohibited.

Artwork In The Ballpark


Atlanta Braves Foundation

The Atlanta Braves Foundation is the charitable arm of the Atlanta Braves. The Foundation invests in programs that serve children, families and communities across Braves Country through grant making, strategic partnerships and signature programs. For more information or to make a donation, visit

Atlanta Braves Foundation Auctions

Fans may bid on autographed memorabilia from their favorite Braves players during Braves games and online using the MLB Ballpark app. During Braves games, fans can visit the Atlanta Braves Foundation booth located directly across from the Guest Services Booth near section 111. The Atlanta Braves Foundation also hosts monthly online auctions via All proceeds benefit the Atlanta Braves Foundation.

ATM Machines

For the convenience of our guests, there are four Truist ATM Machines located throughout the ballpark:

  • First Base Gate Section 118
  • Third Base Gate Section 133
  • Third Base Gate Section 231
  • Field Level Elevator Lobby (First Base)

Autograph Policy

Fans may request autographs from the time gates open until 1 hour prior to first pitch. At that time, ticket integrity in these areas will begin being enforced. Autographs are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of the player(s).

Automobile Trouble - AAA

As a service to our guests, the AAA Club will provide free emergency road service to any guest parked in the Truist Park parking lots experiencing car trouble during/after all home games. Guests requiring service should raise the hood of their car and see the parking attendant. Please put your four-way flashers on.


Bag Policy

Bags are not allowed to enter Truist Park for the 2023 season. Exceptions may be made for:

  • Medical bags no larger than what is required to transport necessary medical equipment
  • Breast pumps for nursing mothers and other bags required for guests with ADA needs
  • Diaper bags for guests accompanied by infant(s) and/or toddler(s)
  • Small, single compartment clutches no larger than 5 x 9 inches
  • Small, single compartment clear bags no larger than 5 x 9 inches

Please find our Outside Food & Drink Policy here. A mobile locker bag storage (first come, first served) is available for guests who arrive with oversized bags. This is located on Power Alley behind Live at The Battery Atlanta. This unit opens two hours prior to first pitch through one hour after last out for a cost of $11 per bag. Special events such as concerts will be a $15 dollar charge per bag.

Ballpark App


Ballpark Seats

Standing or stepping on ballpark seats may lead to serious bodily injury. The Atlanta Braves request, for everyone's safety, that you do not step, climb over, stand or use seats in a manner other than intended at Truist Park. Seat dimensions vary, but are typically 16.6" deep and between 18 - 22" wide. Padded folding chairs without arms are available in our Accessible Seating locations to provide extra space for guests. Some of our seats' arms can raise up to provide extra room in the seating bowl. Row numbers start at the bottom (closest to the field) and move upward. All seats are angled toward the infield by a combination of bowl geometry and redirected seating. Section numbers run clockwise in numerical order from the right field foul pole towards 3rd base.

Banners, Signs and Apparel

Banners and signs may not obstruct the view of guests. Banners and signs must be baseball related and may not contain objectionable subject matter or be commercial in nature. Banners and signs may only be hung in areas where they do not obscure advertising or impede the operation of Truist Park. The Braves reserve the right to remove any banner or sign at any time. (1) Banners and signs must (a) utilize only cloth, paper or other light, flexible materials, rather than be comprised of or supported by wood, metal or other hard materials that could be dangerous in a crowded public setting, (b) not be affixed to or draped over any part of the ballpark structure. (2) Banners and signs may be displayed only (a) in areas where they do not obscure advertising, ballpark signage or impede the operation of Truist Park, (b) in a stationary manner, (c) so as not to unduly obstruct any person's view of the playing field or interfere with player or umpire sight lines. Only one sign or banner may be displayed at any one location. (3) Banners and signs may not bear a message that (a) is slanderous, (b) is obscene, vulgar or indecent and inappropriate for viewing by children, (c) contains "fighting words" likely to provoke a breach of the peace or (d) contains commercial advertising or commercial product or service identification. The Atlanta Braves reserve the right to remove any sign displayed on the property. The Atlanta Braves seek to foster and maintain a family friendly atmosphere and therefore apparel may not (1) bear a message that is obscene, vulgar or indecent and inappropriate for viewing by children, (2) contains "fighting words" likely to provoke a breach of the peace. Guests wearing such attire will be asked to remove it or cover it. Guests refusing to do so may be asked to leave the ballpark.

The Battery Atlanta

The Battery Atlanta offers an unprecedented entertainment experience 365 days a year, not just on gamedays. The 2.25-million-square-foot mixed-use destination features some of Atlanta’s most acclaimed chefs and a diverse blend of culinary options to please foodies and families alike. Visitors can sip cocktails from some of the area’s renowned mixologists, shop for the hottest new styles at unique retailers, bowl a few games or ride a mechanical bull. The Battery Atlanta is also home to the Coca-Cola Roxy where music lovers will find a 4,000-seat venue for all genres of live music. For more information, visit

Before every Braves home game, visit the Battery Atlanta Plaza prior to entering Truist Park for performances by the Braves Entertainment Teams, live music every Saturday home game, and other exciting experiences.

Batting Practice Schedule

Pregame batting practice is a ritual exclusive to the game of baseball. The schedule listed below is subject to change at any time by either team.

Game Time Braves Hit Visitors Hit
7:20 p.m. 4:40-5:30 p.m. 5:35-6:30 p.m.

Bicycle Parking Racks

Guests that wish to use their bicycle as a mode of transportation to Truist Park can utilize the bike shelter located at the top of Hank Aaron Way and Battery Avenue (adjacent to the Orange Parking Deck). Additional Bike Racks are located near the Coca-Cola Roxy along Battery Avenue.


Attending a game to celebrate a birthday? Make it a party and make their visit to Truist Park extra special with the following experiences we offer:

If you have a group of 20+, check out our Birthday Group Ticket Package at

Braves Email Newsletter

Get the inside scoop on all the latest Braves team news, special events, promotions, discounts and more! Sign up at



All cameras must be handheld and the camera lens cannot exceed 5" in length. No tripods or monopods will be permitted. Hand-held video cameras and still cameras for personal use may be brought into the ballpark, provided no game action is recorded in accordance with Major League Baseball regulations. Please be courteous to those guests around you when taking pictures, the equipment may not obstruct the view of other guests. Camera cases must fit through the bag template and will be inspected prior to entrance into the ballpark.

Cashless Venue

Truist Park is a cashless venue. Fans may convert cash to card at the following locations:

  1. 1B side Lower Level concourse behind Section 118
  2. 3B side Lower Level concourse behind Section 133

Celebrating An Occasion


Children's Tickets



Truist Club (Sections 1-9): The Truist Club is the most exclusive and distinguished Premium Club in Truist Park. It is located directly behind home plate with 58 feet separating you from all the action on the diamond. It features approximately 160 Field-Level luxury seats and flat-panel television monitors mounted throughout the seating area. We celebrate the tradition of Braves baseball inside with game-used autographed bats from Atlanta Braves legends such as Hank Aaron, Chipper Jones, and Dale Murphy. Truist Club Premium Memberships include complimentary Valet parking with easy access to the ballpark through the exclusive entrance at the 1st Base Premium Lobby. The Truist Club provides an all-inclusive high-end food and beverage menu with a full bar and in-seat service that ensures you won’t miss a second of the game. All amenities open approximately two hours before first pitch.

The Delta SKY360° Club (Sections 22-30 & 122-130): The Delta SKY360° Club is located directly behind home plate. This newly renovated Premium Club is located on Field Level with direct access to the ballpark’s seating bowl. Upgrades to the all-inclusive Club environment include over 8,000 feet of additional square footage, over 600 seated and standing dining spaces, nine food serving stations featuring an everchanging menu of food options ranging from ballpark staples to the latest international trends, three grab-and-go food and beverage locations, two retail shops, and a new 53 footlong Gold Glove Bar. Fans can also enjoy first-class, in-seat service without ever leaving the comfort of their newly padded leather seats. Amenities in this space open approximately two hours before first pitch. Each Premium Membership in the Delta SKY360° includes a complimentary full-season Premium parking pass and a private entrance to the ballpark from the 1st or 3rd Base Premium Lobby.

Xfinity Club (Sections 220-231): The Xfinity Club is one of the largest climate-controlled Premium spaces at Truist Park located directly above home plate. Designed and built for optimal fan flexibility, the Xfinity Club is the only Club space in Truist Park that offers suites, tables, and individual seats, offering the ultimate fan experience. Complimentary ballpark favorites such as popcorn, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks are available to all Xfinity Club guests. We celebrate the tradition of Braves baseball inside by highlighting our Rookie of the Year and Cy Young recipients from our historical past. This Club space features 23 private suites which include select food and beverage menus, stadium seating, and an exclusive space for you and your guests to enjoy the game. All amenities open approximately two hours before first pitch.

THE CHAMPIONS SUITES: The Champions Suites are located through a private entrance behind home plate on the main concourse. Guests inside can enjoy catering service from personalized suite attendants while being surrounded by state-of-the-art amenities. Champions Suite season leaseholders receive valet parking, catering credit, access to the suite concierge program, and much more.

For more information on any of our Clubs or inquiries about our Premium Season Memberships, please visit


Departing the MARTA Arts Center Station, CobbLinc Bus 10 has a stop located on the corner of Cobb Parkway & Windy Ridge Parkway. Once at this intersection, walk East via Windy Ridge Parkway to arrive at The Battery Atlanta & Truist Park. Please note that CobbLinc 10 does not run on Sundays.

From Marietta Park-and-Ride Lot/Transfer Center:

  • Take the Route 15 outbound to the stop located at Circle 75 Parkway + 1000 Building Entrance. T
  • Take the Rapid 10 or Route 10 outbound to the stop at Cobb Parkway + Cumberland Boulevard Disembark and walk southeast along Cobb Parkway toward the intersection with Cumberland Boulevard/Windy Ridge Parkway. Turn left onto Windy Ridge Parkway and continue to stadium. The walk from stop to stadium is approximately 0.4 miles.

From Cumberland Transfer Center: Take the Circulator Blue (free of charge) to the Heritage Court stop.

Code Of Conduct

The Atlanta Braves have adopted a Guest Code of Conduct designed to protect the comfort, safety, and security of everyone on the premises. The Atlanta Braves reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or to remove any person who violates this Guest Code of Conduct.

The following actions are prohibited:

  • Smoking (including electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and vaporizers) except in designated areas;
  • Behavior deemed by Braves personnel to be inappropriate, unlawful, or disruptive (including the use of profanity, abusive or derogatory language, symbols or gestures and playing of music without the use of headphones);
  • Betting-related, abusive speech and/or behavior that is directed at Players, Players’ family members, Club personnel, or umpires
  • Illegal or criminal activity;
  • Possession or use of illegal drugs;
  • Possession of guns, weapons, or other materials which may be considered hazardous or dangerous;
  • Wearing clothing that displays profanity, pornography, violence, support of drugs or drug use, gang symbols, derogatory sentiments, or which promotes discrimination against any group. Shirts and shoes are required at all times;
  • Unauthorized drones, unmanned vehicles and remote-controlled vehicles;
  • Fighting or making threats, including threatening gestures;
  • Loitering, solicitation, ticket resales, and unauthorized commercial activities, including driving or parking vehicles with advertisement wraps, logos, or decals;
  • Skating, board riding, bicycling or use of motorized personal vehicles on sidewalks or restricted areas;
  • Littering, damaging, defacing, destroying or removing property;
  • Intentionally throwing, dropping, or placing items or objects onto the playing field; and
  • Distributing materials, demonstrating, conducting interviews, taking professional photos, videos, or audio recordings without Braves approval.
  • Use of derogatory language.

Additional Considerations:

  • Alcoholic beverages must be purchased on site and consumed in a responsible manner. Anyone who appears to be impaired by or under the influence of alcohol or another substance may be denied entry or ejected from Braves facilities.
  • Guests are expected to comply with lawful requests from Atlanta Braves personnel.
  • Guests should only sit in seats for which they have tickets and may be required to present their tickets to Atlanta Braves staff upon request.

Comments, Compliments, Concerns

Guests with a comment, compliment or concern may express it in person during home games at Truist Park at the guest services booth located at Section 111. Guests may also provide feedback at [email protected] or by using the online form at under "Contact Us".

College Discount Tickets



Truist Park offers a variety of different concerts throughout the year. For more information on what concerts are coming to Truist Park, please visit For any concert related ticket issues, please contact Live Nation.


A wide variety of food and beverages is available throughout the ballpark at several permanent locations and numerous portable stands. Truist Park includes traditional ballpark fare as well as plenty of foods with Atlanta flavor.


Ice chests and hard-sided coolers are not allowed at Truist Park. Soft-sided coolers, without the plastic liner, are allowed for guests with medical needs.

The Coors Light Chop House

The Coors Light Chop House, located in right field at Section 156, is open to all guests and serves a variety of food offerings. This casual dining bar and restaurant is a great place to take in the ballgame. Fans may drink and dine at the restaurant, which is terraced to facilitate views of the baseball field.


For the safety of our fans, any person arriving at the ballpark and presenting a ticket for entry that is dressed in a costume (full body costumes or otherwise) may be subject to reasonable searches and inspections prior to being allowed entry into the ballpark. Persons not complying with any such request shall be denied entry.

Credit Card Policy

MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted at ticket windows, restaurants, concessions and merchandise locations in Truist Park and The Battery Atlanta. Credit cards will be accepted in the parking decks and surface lots. See PARKING for more information.



Please visit and click on the Delta SKY360° tab for more information on your benefits as a Delta SKY360° Club Member.


Designated Driver Program

Courtesy of DELAWARE NORTH SPORTSERVICE, guests who would like to be their group's designated driver can receive their choice of a complimentary 12-oz. can of Coca-Cola product from the designated driver booth located on the Lower Level near Section 141.

Directions To Truist Park

Truist Park is centrally located between the I-75 and I-285 intersection in Cobb County. The ballpark is a short distance from downtown, airport and the Greater Metro Atlanta area.

  • Directions from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (20 Miles): Take Camp Creek Parkway, I-20 to I-285 N for 3 miles. Take I-285 N for 16 miles and take Exit 19/US-41 for Cobb Parkway to Truist Park.
  • Directions from Downtown (10 Miles): Take I-75 N towards Marietta/Chattanooga for 8 miles. Take Exit 259 B onto I-285 w toward Birmingham/Montgomery to US-41/ for Cobb Parkway to Truist Park.
  • Directions from Kennesaw (10 Miles): Take I-75 S towards Atlanta for 8 miles. Take Exit 260 onto Windy Hill Rd toward Smyrna. Continue to circle I-75 parkway to arrive at Truist Park.

See COBB LINC and MARTA for more information.

Disabled Guest


Distribution Of Materials

All of the following are prohibited on the private property of Truist Park and in the parking areas that surround it:

  • Distribution of leaflets or other printed material
  • Distribution of products or performing of services, whether for a consideration or free
  • Taking surveys or otherwise interfering with the free movement of guests

Donation Requests

The Atlanta Braves Foundation supports non-profit organizations by donating in-kind items and autographed memorabilia that can be used for auctions and/or raffles. Interested organizations should submit their request 6-8 weeks prior to the event date at


Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

The Atlanta Braves have partnered with Georgia Power to provide Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations at Truist Park for Braves home games. Charging stations are subject to availability and will be available at select locations for guests. Car charging stations for electric vehicles are available at the following parking locations:

  • Battery Red Deck: 9 EV charging stations
  • Battery Delta Deck*: 5 EV charging stations
  • Battery Orange Deck*: 4 EV charging stations
  • Battery Green Deck: 2 EV charging stations
  • Battery Purple Deck: 2 EV charging stations
  • Battery Silver Deck*: 7 EV charging stations
  • Battery S3* (Located in Front of The Delta Deck): 9 EV charging stations

*These locations are limited to parking permit holders on gamedays.


Seven elevators are conveniently located throughout Truist Park to service guests. Additionally, there is one service and one freight elevator. We ask that guests be courteous when using the elevators at Truist Park and that priority is given to disabled and elderly guests. Escalators are located inside the Right Field, Third Base and First Base gates to assist guests in reaching the Terrace and Upper Levels.

Emergency Evacuation

Should there be an immediate need to evacuate Truist Park guests will be given instructions via the public-address system. Exit instructions will also be posted on high-definition televisions in the concourses and throughout the ballpark. Guests are encouraged to take the following steps:

  • Be aware of your location in Truist Park at all times.
  • Identify the two exits located nearest to your seats.
  • Listen, observe and follow instructions from the public-address system, video boards, concourse high-definition televisions and Braves staff.
  • Ask for assistance and information from guest services, police, medical and security personnel.
  • Do not panic. Guests are asked to remain calm, walk to the exits at a normal pace and proceed to the nearest safe area.

Elevators and escalators are NOT operational during an evacuation. Individuals in wheel chairs should evacuate via a ramp.


Interested in part-time and/or full-time job opportunities with the Atlanta Braves? Visit

Delaware North job opportunities:

Interested in part-time and/or full-time job opportunities with the Atlanta Braves? Visit

Delaware North job opportunities: Visit

Entertainment Teams

ATL Breakers: With an abundance of energy and hustle, the ATL Breakers pride themselves in performing thrilling dance shows full of exciting tricks and undeniable swagger. Make sure to catch the ATL Breakers and break dancing at its finest before the next Atlanta Braves home game at the Georgia Power Pavilion.

Heavy Hitters: The Atlanta Braves Heavy Hitters are the most electrifying, exciting drumline in Braves Country! Their energy is infectious as they showcase their talent through stimulating, interactive performances at Truist Park. The Heavy Hitters can be seen live in the Battery Atlanta Plaza prior to and after home games, as well as throughout the ballpark, bringing every section to life with their musical beats.

Home Depot Tools: Your favorite Home Depot Tools are here to greet you in the Battery Atlanta Plaza of Truist Park as you are waiting to enjoy the festivities inside the stadium. Be sure to stop by and say hello, get a photo, hug and high five your favorite character. Don’t miss crushing hits in the world-famous Home Depot Tool Race happening during every Braves home game!

Tomahawk Team: The Atlanta Braves Tomahawk Team is a high energy, spirited group of Atlanta Braves ambassadors. You can find them performing in the Battery Atlanta Plaza and tossing T-shirts from the Atlanta Braves Bridge. During the game, they will be on the big screen, at special seat visits, and dancing on the dugouts during the 7th inning stretch! At all times, the Tomahawk Team is sure to add a little southern charm to your Truist Park experience.


From inside stadium:

  • Chop House Gate - Adjacent to the Chop House Restaurant, near section 160
  • Right Field Gate - Section 111
  • Left Field Gate - Section 141
  • Third Base Gate - Section 131
  • First Base Gate - Section 120

From outside of stadium:

  • Chop House Gate - Between Terrapin Taproom and H&F Burger
  • Right Field Gate - Directly in front of Sports and Social, off of Battery Ave.
  • Left Field Gate - Bottom of the Delta Deck, near the Warren Spahn statue
  • Third Base Gate - Across from the Delta Wing, near the Phil Niekro statue
  • First Base Gate - Across from the Orange Parking Deck, near the Bobby Cox statue


(See Private Events)

Exceptional Fan Program

The Atlanta Braves are excited to offer information and resources for families to ensure attending games is a comfortable and fun experience for everyone! Guests who purchase tickets through the Accessible Seating Department will receive a Welcome Kit containing a sensory map, a Braves fidget, and an exclusive Braves Exceptional Fan credential, which allows you to skip concession lines if needed and provides a place for emergency contact information.*

*Please contact the Accessible Seating Department at (404)-577-9100 (Option 5) or [email protected] to receive your Welcome Kit and for more information.


Guests are not allowed to leave Truist Park and return on the same ticket. In the case of an emergency, re-entry can only be granted by a Guest Services/Security Supervisor. Please see a Guest Services/Security team member prior to exiting the gates. All guests re-entering the ballpark are subject to security re-inspection.

No re-entry will be allowed for any Braves parking lots.


Monument Garden (Lower Level - Section 125):

  • Hank Aaron Statue: Commissioned by world-renowned and Atlanta-based artist Ross Rossin, this statue shows the moment of impact between bat and ball on Aaron’s record-breaking 715th home run.
  • 755 Sculpture: A sculpture made up of 755 Hank Aaron Louisville Slugger baseball bats in the shape of the number 755 will live next to the Hank Aaron statue in Monument Garden.
  • Braves Hall of Fame: Established in 1999 to honor players, managers, coaches and other individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to the organization. The 31 Braves Hall of Famers are immortalized in Monument Garden with plaques.
  • Braves in Cooperstown: A bat or glove represents each of the 55* Braves who have been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. *Note: This includes Braves Vice Chairman John Schuerholz who was inducted in July 2017.
  • Retired Numbers: The Braves have retired 11 jersey numbers and those numbers are incorporated into a water feature at Truist Park. An interactive exhibit allows fans to learn more about each of the Braves legends whose numbers have been retired.
  • History of Braves Jerseys: The Braves have worn more than 25 different styles of jerseys since the franchise was born in 1871, and this new area chronicles the evolution of the team’s iconic look.
  • Braves Honors and Awards: This section features reproductions of Greg Maddux’s 1995 Cy Young Award, Hank Aaron’s 1957 MVP Award, Dale Murphy’s 1982 Silver Slugger Award, Andruw Jones’ 2005 Gold Glove Award and David Justice’s 1990 Rookie of the Year Award, along with a list of all the winners of these awards in franchise history.
  • Braves Timeline: Fans can visually experience Braves history with images from each decade.
  • Origin of Braves Names: A look at the many different names the Braves have been called since the organization’s inception in Boston, beginning with the Red Stockings.
  • Memorable Braves Moments: Artifacts from thrilling and historic moments in franchise history, along with their respective audio calls, include Sid Bream’s slide home in Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS and Marquis Grissom’s final out in the 1995 World Series.
  • Artifacts include:
  • Sid Bream’s Knee Brace
  • Bob Horner’s four home run game bat and ball
  • Hank Aaron 1974 Jersey
  • 1995 World Series champagne bottle signed by Tom Glavine
  • 1957 World Series ring
  • John Sain’s 1948 World Series bronzed glove and ball
    *Seating Bowl:
  • Each end seat filigree on every row throughout Truist Park features Hank Aaron’s famous swing silhouette.
  • The Braves’ 37 pennants are displayed on the light poles in the outfield.
  • All 11 retired numbers reside above left field and include:
  • #3 Dale Murphy
  • #6 Bobby Cox
  • #10 Chipper Jones
  • #21 Warren Spahn
  • #29 John Smoltz
  • #31 Greg Maddux
  • #35 Phil Niekro
  • #41 Eddie Mathews
  • #42 Jackie Robinson
  • #44 Hank Aaron
  • #47 Tom Glavine
  • Champions Suites (Lower Level): The 1995 World Series trophy is displayed in the Champions Suites, but visible through glass from Monument Garden. The Champions Suites are home to five replica rings, including four NLCS rings from the Braves’ victories in 1991, 1992, 1996 and 1999 and the World Series ring from 1995. There will also be five miniature NLCS trophies from the Braves’ NLCS victories in 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996 and 1999. These are all visible through glass to the public in Monument Garden.
  • Elevator Banks: Braves jerseys from Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta are framed and on display in elevator banks throughout Truist Park.
  • Guest Services (Section 111): With the addition of John Schuerholz in 2017, the Braves will have 55 members in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. An acrylic plaque for each of these members can be found at Guest Services located at Aisle 111. Guest Services at Section 111 will also be the home of the Walter Banks Award Winners display.
  • Delta SKY360° Club: The Delta SKY360 Club features reproductions of Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, and MVP Awards in recognition of all Braves players who have won these awards.
  • Player Tunnel: The tunnel from the Clubhouse to the field features reproductions of a Gold Glove Award and Silver Slugger Award along with a list of all Braves players who have won each award in franchise history.
  • Truist Club: The Truist Club is decorated with a variety of historical Braves photos from over the years, as well as a display of bats that belonged to Braves greats and a collection of baseballs signed by Braves Hall of Fame members.
  • Xfinity Club: There is a series of displays located in the Xfinity Club that pay tribute to Braves managers, Braves Cy Young Award winners, Braves Rookie of the Year Award winners and Braves no-hitters. Additionally, the Xfinity Club will feature wood panels with images of Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz and Bobby Cox branded into the wood.
  • Press Box: A display of artifacts from the greatest Braves broadcasters, Pete van Wieren, Skip Caray and Ernie Johnson, is located in the place they called home - the press box. This area also features Sports Illustrated covers that Braves players have been on.
  • Konica Minolta Conference Center: A display in the Konica Minolta Conference Center recognizing the “Homes of the Braves” includes photographs and information from each of the six ballparks the Braves have played in. Seventy oversized baseball cards from Topps feature Braves players from the 1950s to today and are all printed on wood.
  • Braves Clubhouse: In the Clubhouse, Braves players can view a reproduction of both Tom Glavine’s 1991 Silver Slugger Award and Greg Maddux’s 1995 Gold Glove Award. The Clubhouse also houses tributes to Braves Cy Young Award winners, Braves MVP Award winners, the Braves’ 14 straight division titles, and all Braves retired numbers.
  • Hank Aaron Terrace: The Hank Aaron Terrace is home to the bat and ball from Hank Aaron’s record-breaking 715th home run. In addition, the terrace features a display of 715 bat knobs, each inscribed with the date, homer count and opponent recognizing all 715 of the king’s home runs. The Hank Aaron Terrace is decorated with images of Hank Aaron on the walls and pillars


  • Richard Sullivan - Louisville, KY: Richard is a watercolor artist and former professional baseball player. A total of 16 paintings and 20 prints hang in the Champions Suites and corridor, including works depicting all three Braves World Championships.
  • Jason Williams - Alpharetta, GA: Jason is an emerging artist that uses LEGO bricks to create awe-inspiring mosaics. His latest piece “Tomahawk”, which is built on a LEGO count of 27,745 studs and over 17,000 individual LEGO bricks, is featured in the main entrance corridor.
  • John Robertson - Malibu, CA: Robertson is known for his impressionistic work and has created three of the largest paintings in Truist Park for display in the Delta SKY360° Club.
  • Dominique Lobbestael - Brussels, Belgium: The Belgian native created portraits of ten Braves legends for the Delta SKY360° Club. This project marks Dominique’s first work in the United States.
  • Ross Rossin - Atlanta, GA: Ross Rossin sculpted the new Hank Aaron statue for Truist Park which is the centerpiece of Monument Garden.
  • SPOON - Atlanta, GA: A minimalist and pointillism artist, SPOON contributed three large format paintings based on historic Braves imagery, which are displayed in the Xfinity Club Corridor.
  • Pouya Dianat and BEAM Imagination - Atlanta, GA: A visual content company which calls itself nerdy, techy and passionate about art. Their photos capture the essence of Braves baseball and are on display in offices and suites throughout Truist Park.


  • Phil Niekro: Located at the 3rd Base Gate, this statue was sculpted by Ed Dwight. Before his career in art, Dwight was the first African-American to train as an astronaut, but did not have the opportunity to make a flight due to health reasons.
  • Hank Aaron: Located in Monument Garden, this statue was sculpted by world-renowned artist and Atlanta local Ross Rossin. This statue was dedicated on March 29, 2017.
  • Warren Spahn: Located at the Left Field Gate, this statue was created by sculptor Shan Gray and installed at Turner Field in 2003 to honor the winningest left-handed pitcher in major league history.
  • Bobby Cox: Located at the 1st Base Gate, this statue was sculpted by Brian Hanlon and dedicated on April 13, 2017 in honor of the winningest manager in Braves history.


Make your visit to Truist Park extra special with the following experiences we offer:


Family Restrooms

Family restrooms are conveniently located inside Truist Park, Sections 120, 143, 140, 148, 152, 313, 323, 329, and 346. For more information on family restroom locations see a guest services booth for nearest location.

See RESTROOMS for more information.

Fan Interference

For the safety and enjoyment of all, guests are reminded to not interfere with a ball in play or trespass onto the playing field. Interference and trespassing are prohibited by Atlanta Braves policy and Cobb County Ordinance. Persons who violate this ordinance are subject to ejection and/or arrest and prosecution.

Fan Mail

Fans interested in writing to a specific player or seeking player autographs must solicit players directly. Fans should include a self-addressed envelope with postage paid. Please keep in mind that items sent are done so at your own risk. Players receive a tremendous amount of fan mail, and we cannot guarantee a response.

For more information, please also see DONATION REQUESTS. When writing to a player, address the letter to:

Atlanta Braves
Attn: (Player Name)
P.O. Box 723009
Atlanta, GA 31139

Fan Texting

To request assistance in ballpark, text your issue to 404-614-1599.

Field Dimensions

Field Distance Height
Right field 325' 16' 0"
Right center field 375' 16' 0"
Center field 400' 8' 8"
Left center field 385' 8' 8"
Left field 375' 8' 8"
Left field corner 335' 6' 0"


Be sure to check out the spectacular fireworks display after every Friday Night Braves home game.

The fireworks spectacular will be displayed in the outfield. Your best viewing areas in the ballpark are between the foul poles looking out from home plate into the outfield. Please be advised that sections 144-151 in the outfield will not be accessible during the show.

The Braves thank you and hope you enjoy the show! To see a list of dates, please see the Promotions Schedule at

First Aid

First Aid is located conveniently at Sections 111, 241 and 314. Each location is staffed with medical personnel. If medical assistance is needed, please notify the nearest Braves personnel or proceed to the nearest location.


Game Times

Because of Major League Baseball television agreements with ESPN, Apple and FOX, the starting times of some games are tentative and subject to change. Time changes can potentially occur up to 10 days prior to a scheduled game date. Guests should be advised that game tickets will be honored on the game date listed regardless of the time change. No refunds or exchanges will be given. Guests should be aware of this possibility. Visit or check other media outlets for the time changes that may occur. See below for typical start times:

Night games: 7:20 p.m. (Monday-Saturday)

Sunday afternoon games: 1:30 p.m.

Midweek afternoon games: 12:20 p.m.

Saturday games: 4:10 p.m.

Gate Openings

For each game, gates will open two hours prior to first pitch. Exceptions will be made on the following days:

  • Weekday Day Games: All gates will open 80 minutes before the first pitch.
  • Giveaway Dates: Gates are always subject to be opened earlier depending on crowd size. Early arrival is advised.

*Gate opening times are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information please visit the MLB Ballpark app

Gate Screenings

As a condition to entry, all fans entering Truist Park consent to being screened via metal detection. These metal detectors (walk through and/or handheld) will be used at all Truist Park gates. These enhanced security measures are the result of MLB's continuing work with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to increase and standardize security practices across the league. Prohibited items such as weapons of any sort, cans, glass containers, or alcohol are not allowed into the ballpark at any time.



The Braves are happy to offer a Gluten Free Concessions at the Centerfield Market in Section 149 and the Market in Section 109. Some of those options include Beer, Angry Orchard Cider, Cotton Candy, Nachos, Cracker Jacks, Peanuts, Popcorn, Hippeas, Skittles, GF Cookies, Frozen Lemonade, Salads, Veggie Cups, Fruit Cups, All Frozen, adult, beverages are Gluten Free.

Grass Playing Field

Approximately 110,000 square feet of sod (Seashore Paspalum) covers the playing field. The sod lies on top of 14" of sand (90% sand and 10% sod). The drainage system lays at the bottom of the sand on top of an 110,000-sq. ft. plastic liner which allows them to remove 120,000 gallons of water per hour. Depending upon the weather, the turf will be watered every day through a system of 60 sprinkler heads and mowed every day.

Group Outings

Guests interested in bringing a group to the ballpark should contact the Group Sales Office at 404-577-9100 (option 3) or visit for more information. Groups of 20 or more receive special discounted rates. Truist Park offers several group hospitality options including pregame conference rooms, hospitality spaces, private suites, and shared club-like spaces. For non-gameday group outings call the Braves Special Events department at 404-614-2363.

Group Tours

Group tours of 20 or more are offered 365 days a year and must be booked in advance. Visit or call 404-614-2311 for more information.

Guest Services

Guest Services are located at Section 111 and Upper Level section 314. Guest Services is staffed with knowledgeable representatives who will assist you with questions, concerns and requests for information. The booth at Section 111 is staffed before, during and after the game. You may check strollers at Guest Services at Section 111. Lost and found requests can be handled at all Guest Services booths, with 111 being the main hub.


Hall Of Fame

Our 38 Braves Hall of Famers are featured in induction order.

  • 1999 - Hank Aaron, Eddie Mathews, Phil Niekro, Warren Spahn
  • 2000 - Dale Murphy, Ted Turner
  • 2001 - Lew Burdette, Ernie Johnson
  • 2002 - Bill Bartholomay, John Sain
  • 2003 - Del Crandall
  • 2004 - Kid Nichols, Tommy Holmes, Skip Caray, Pete Van Wieren
  • 2005 - Herman Long, Paul Snyder
  • 2006 - Ralph Garr, Bill Lucas
  • 2007 - David Justice
  • 2009 - Greg Maddux
  • 2010 - Tom Glavine
  • 2011 - Bobby Cox
  • 2012 - John Smoltz
  • 2013 - Chipper Jones
  • 2014 - Javy Lopez, Dave Pursley, Rabbit Maranville
  • 2015 - Don Sutton
  • 2016 - John Schuerholz, Andruw Jones
  • 2018 - Joe Simpson, Tim Hudson
  • 2019 - Terry Pendleton, Hugh Duffy
  • 2020: Joe Adcock, Leo Mazzone, Joe Torre

Handicapped Accessible Information


Hand Sanitizer

Truist Park will feature 200 hand sanitizer stations throughout the entire ballpark for guest and staff to use. Find locations on the MLB Ballpark app interactive map.

Hospitality Areas

For more information on hospitality areas, visit or call the group sales department at 404-577-9100 (option 3).

  • Coors Light Below the Chop: Located along the warning track in Right Field, below the chop house.
  • Coors Light Chop House Deck: Located in the top level of the Chop House in Right Field.
  • Hank Aaron Terrace: Located in left field on the Terrace Level adjacent to Section 243.
  • Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos Back Porch: Located in centerfield just below the BravesVision Scoreboard.
  • The Home Depot Clubhouse: Located in the outfield above Section 151.
  • Konica Minolta Conference Center: Located on the Terrace Level behind the Party Suites adjacent to Section 213.
  • Party Suites: Located on the Terrace Level near Section 213, overlooking the right field corner.
  • Terrace Gardens: Located on the Terrace Level behind the Hank Aaron Terrace adjacent to Section 243.
  • Top of Terrapin: Located on the 2nd level of the Terrapin Taproom, near the Chop House gate.
  • XFINITY Rooftop and Cabanas: Located on the Upper Level in right field adjacent to Section 312.


In-Game Messages

Commemorate a special occasion by displaying a message on the LED board above the visitor’s bullpen during an Atlanta Braves home game. Score big with family and friends while also making a tax-deductible contribution to the Atlanta Braves Foundation. Requests must be submitted no later than 2 days prior to the desired run date of the message. Visit to order your personalized message at least 48 hours in advance of your game date.

In-Stadium Photos

Special event photos are only available on non-game days. Guests may contact Special Events for more details by calling 404-614-2364. Information is also available online at


Job Opportunities

Interested in part time and/or full-time job opportunities with the Atlanta Braves? All our current job opportunities, including Trainee positions can be found at

Delaware North job opportunities:


Kids (Including Baby Changing Stations, children get in free)

Tickets: Children age two and under may be admitted to Braves games without a ticket. However, they must sit in the lap of an accompanying adult. Children three and above require a ticket.

Baby-Changing Tables: Baby-changing tables are available in all family restrooms at Truist Park.

BLOOPER’s Clubhouse: NEW FOR 2023! Visit BLOOPER and explore his new interactive space for kids. Make signs, write letters to BLOOPER, and explore your imagination. BLOOPER’s appearance schedule varies daily. Visit BLOOPER’s Clubhouse for scheduled times.

Hope & Will's Sandlot presented by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta: This area is a kids' interactive zone with games, attractions, and photo opportunities. Located at Sections 152-155. Games and attractions require tokens to play. Tokens can be purchased in the Sandlot for $1 each.

Kids Run the Bases presented by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta: After every Sunday home game, kids ages 4 to 14 are invited onto the field after the game to run the bases just like a professional baseball player! No reservations are necessary. The line for Kids Run the Bases begins at the 3rd base ramp (section 135) at the bottom of the 8th inning.

Nursing Room: Truist Park offers a lounge that is a fully dedicated space for nursing mothers staffed by a Guest Services ambassador. Located on the Lower Level near the Left Field Gate - Section 141, the air-conditioned nursing lounge is equipped with comfortable rocking chairs and a diaper changing station.

Kids Club

Kids Club is completely free and digital for all Braves fans 14 and under. Each month features new giveaways at Truist Park, exclusive content of Braves players, and everyone’s favorite mascot, BLOOPER! Kids Club member also receive exclusive offers from retailers within The Battery Atlanta, so the fun continues outside of gameday. Stop by the Kids Club kiosk in Hope & Will’s Sandlot when you are at Truist Park receive your giveaway and get your member badge for the 2023 season. Become a member today at!


Lost and Found

To report or claim lost articles during a home game, visit Guest Services at Section 111. Due to space limitations, except in very limited circumstances, the Braves keep lost items for 15 days before donating/disposing of unclaimed items. If guests are retrieving lost items at Truist Park (on a non-gameday), they must coordinate the pick-up of the item via in advance. Items may only be picked up during Atlanta Braves business hours. If guests are not able to visit Truist Park to retrieve their lost item, the Braves can FedEx ship your item (owner pays charge) with a tracking number. To submit a lost item inquiry, please visit

Lost Children/Lost Adults

Lost Children/Lost Adults will be escorted to Guest Services near Section 111. Guest Services provides complimentary wristbands for parents or group leaders who may wish to "tag" their children or group members with a name and seat location and/or contact number. Use of these wristbands is strongly encouraged as it aids in faster resolution of lost children/lost adult cases. The wristbands are available at the main Guest Services booth location at Section 111.



You may board MARTA Bus 12 at the Midtown MARTA Station that travels to Cumberland Mall. Once you have arrived at the Cumberland Mall Transfer Center - please take the Cumberland Circular Shuttle (either blue or green route) to reach The Battery Atlanta & Truist Park.


Media Guides

For detailed statistics on current and former Braves players, the history of the Atlanta Braves, and countless other information, refer to a copy of the Atlanta Braves Media Guide. View a copy of the media guide at

Meetings and Banquets


Merchandise Locations

  • Authentic Store: Section 130 (Authentic game used store)
  • New Era: Section 122
  • Custom shop (personalization): East Plaza Section 122
  • Main Braves Clubhouse Store: Main Plaza @ Right Field Gate near Section 111
  • Braves Clubhouse Store: Upper Level Section 333
  • Braves Clubhouse Store: Section 318
  • Braves Clubhouse Store: Section 233
  • Braves Clubhouse Store: Left Field Gate Section 142
  • Braves Clubhouse Store for Kids: Kids Plaza Section 152
  • Xfinity Club: Third Base Side (located elevator lobby 3rd base side)
  • Delta SKY360/Truist Club (Delta Club locations on 1st and 3rd base sides near entrance)
  • Mobile order pick-up location: Chophouse Gate

Metal Detectors

As a condition to entry, all fans entering Truist Park consent to being screened via metal detection. These metal detectors (walk through and/or handheld) will be used at all Truist Park gates.


Military Discount Tickets


MLB Ballpark App

Download the MLB Ballpark app, the ultimate companion for your trip to Truist Park and The Battery Atlanta. Buy and access tickets and parking, navigate directly to your parking lot, skip the line with mobile ordering for food and retail, explore the ballpark, ask Braves Bot any questions, alert guest services and much more. Download the MLB Ballpark app at

MLB Gold Pass

MLB Lifetime Passes (ie: Gold Passes) are accepted for Atlanta Braves regular season games at Truist Park on first come/first served basis. Ticket reservations cannot be made in advance. There is a limit of two (2) complimentary game tickets per pass, and a valid driver's license (which matches the exact name on the pass) must be presented. Tickets can only be secured at the ticket resolution windows located at the main Ticket Office at Truist Park beginning when gates open for each regular season home game. No other MLB Pass outside of the Gold Lifetime Pass will be accepted for two (2) complimentary game tickets.

Monument Garden



National Anthem

Those interested in performing the National Anthem at Truist Park should send an email to [email protected]. In your email, please include your contact information as well as a link to your audition video.

Nursing Mothers

Truist Park offers the Northside Hospital Nursing Lounge that is a fully dedicated space for nursing mothers staffed by a Guest Services ambassador. Located on the Lower Level near the Left Field Gate – Section 141, the air-conditioned Northside Hospital Nursing Lounge is equipped with air conditioning, comfortable rocking chairs, and a diaper changing station.


Out-Of-Town Scores

Scores of games in both leagues can be found on the LED boards above each bullpen in the outfield.

Outside Food & Drink

Fans will be able to bring food inside of Truist Park as long as it fits inside a clear, gallon-sized plastic bag and may also bring a sealed plastic bottle of water. One bag of food and one bottle of water per ticket will be permitted. Additional considerations will be made for those with dietary concerns and infants. All bags of food will be subject to additional inspection at our security gates before entry.




Please visit for detailed information on all of our parking lots and pricing. Truist Park parking lots are managed by LAZ Parking. Guests can purchase parking online and over the phone. Parking day of and on-site is through credit card only. It is recommended that guests arrive early and park in the first lot available to them. Every parking pass is valid for one vehicle. Fans should also check for parking updates.

Parking - Neighborhood

When driving to Braves games guests are reminded of the following:

  • Parking in official Truist Park parking lots is strongly recommended.
  • Parking in the neighborhoods around Truist Park is by residential permit only.
  • Please observe the parking signage in the area to ensure that your vehicle is not ticketed or towed.
  • Fans should park only in lots that are fully signed, staffed and secured in full accordance with Cobb County policy.

Parking Pass

For convenient access to all Braves parking lots, it is strongly recommended to pre-purchase parking online. Order online at



Phone Charging Stations

Fans can charge their mobile devices at charging stations located across from Section 215 next to The Slice and near the Right Field Gate across from the Truist Park Clubhouse Store.

Pitch Counts

Pitch counts for each pitcher are shown on the LED board in left field below the Delta sign. Pitch counts are shown for the specific pitcher who is pitching at that time.

Police and Security

For the safety and convenience of all Truist Park guests, police and security personnel are stationed throughout the ballpark. For matters which may require police or security guests may confidentially text 404-614-1599 and reply to a “how can we help” response (standard rates will apply). Braves personnel, which may include security and/or police, will respond to security matters or guest service questions. The Cobb County Police Department maintains a precinct at Truist Park during games. The precinct is located at the Left Field Gate off Circle 75 on the East Side of the ballpark.

Private Events

Truist Park is a unique venue offering 20 different indoor/outdoor spaces for a variety of private events. We host groups of 25-1,200 for receptions, corporate meetings, company picnics and team buildings, as well as wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners. For more information, visit or connect with us at [email protected] or call 404-614-2363.

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited from being brought into Truist Park: alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs; aluminum cans including sunscreen spray, baseball bats, glass bottles, bags, backpacks, clutches exceeding “5X9”; ice chests, hard-sided coolers or soft-sided coolers (soft-sided coolers, without the plastic liner, will only be permitted for medical needs; camera lenses exceeding 5 inches; camera tri, dual or single leg pods by non-media personnel; folding chairs, tables, stools or devices used as such; sticks, clubs (including signs attached to sticks) or full size brooms; false identification (fake id); fireworks, firearms or other weapons (including knives, mace, pepper spray, tasers/stun guns and toy replicas of weapons); bullhorns, noise makers or confetti; laser devices or pointers; skateboards, hoverboards and rollerblades; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; and balloons, beach balls and other inflatable items; wrapped packages wherein the contents are not visible.*

The Atlanta Braves reserve the right to determine what items not listed herein may be deemed inappropriate for entry.

*Please note that if you have a planned party of any kind that includes gifts, we advise either wrapping the gift item at Truist Park after the item has been inspected or place the unboxed gift item in a gift bag. Our security personnel will ask guests to open any wrapped items for inspection.

If any of the above items are discovered at our gates, our security staff members will ask that you return these items to your vehicle or be thrown away. Prohibited items will not be accepted by employees nor stored at the gates or Guest Services booths.

Promotion Schedule

New giveaway items and promotional days may be added to the Braves Promotions Schedule throughout the season. All giveaways and event dates are subject to change. Please visit to view this season's Promotions Schedule. Giveaway items are limited to one per person.


The Braves VIP Experience is a great way to propose at Truist Park on a game day! While we do not show proposals on our video board in Center Field, we do coordinate proposals during our Braves VIP Experience package. For non-gameday proposal experience, contact our Tour department at 404-614-2310. Visit for more information.


Radios / TVs

Personal radios and television sets with headphones are permitted inside Truist Park.

AM/FM handheld radios are also available at Guest Services booths for guests with visual and/or hearing impairments. Stop by the main Guest Services booth at section 111 to check out one of these radios.

Radio Network

Radio broadcasts can be heard in Atlanta on 680 The Fan (AM)/93.7 (FM) and regionally on the Atlanta Braves Radio Network. The Atlanta Braves Radio Network is the largest radio affiliate network in Major League Baseball. View a complete list of Braves radio affiliates near you.

Rain Delays

The right to postpone the playing of a game is vested in the home club except for the final series between two clubs, at which time the responsibility shifts to the Umpire-in-Chief. Once a game has started, the Umpire-in-Chief determines if a game should be suspended, when it can be resumed or if it should be terminated because of bad weather or unfit playing conditions. The Official Playing Rules provide that when a game has been temporarily suspended, umpires must wait at least 30 minutes before calling the game. During rain delays, updates are given through PA announcements and messages on the BravesVision video board. For more information, visit


Restrooms are located throughout the ballpark. For more information on family restrooms, see FAMILY RESTROOMS.

Retired Numbers



One unique rideshare zone services the Battery Atlanta. The Zone is located along Windy Ridge - allowing easy pick-up and drop-off access -

Risks Of Baseball

Guests assume all risks, hazards, and/or dangers incidental to the game of baseball and/or other events, both known and unknown, inherent or otherwise, at the game and/or event or incidental to the game and/or other event, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to, the actual playing of the game or event, including specifically (but not exclusively), the danger of being injured by thrown or batted balls, thrown or broken bats, bat fragments, persons (including other spectators), animals, or other items. Accordingly, Cobb County, Georgia, The Cobb-Marietta Coliseum & Exhibit Hall Authority, Braves Stadium Company, LLC (“BSC”), Atlanta National League Baseball Club, LLC and the other Major League Baseball Clubs (“Clubs”), MLB Advanced Media, L.P., The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball (“BOC”), Major League Baseball Properties, Inc., The MLB Network, LLC, each of their parent, subsidiary, affiliated, and related entities, any entity which, now or in the future, controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with the Clubs, BSC, or the BOC, and each of the respective owners, general and limited partners, shareholders, directors, officers, members, employees, agents, contractors, successors and assigns of the foregoing entities shall not in any way be liable for injuries resulting from such causes. Guests must be vigilant at all times and must recognize the many elements that can distract their attention from the game or event, including but not limited to the video boards and scoreboards, and the activities of the Braves Tomahawk Team, Mascot(s), Heavy Hitters, and/or others.


Safety Alert

During all pregame practices/activities, through the game and post-game experience, hard hit baseballs and bats and bat fragments thereof may be thrown or hit into the stands. For the safety of every guest, all guests must stay alert and be aware of their surroundings. Sections 10 to 42 and sections 111-141 are behind protective netting. Guests who are concerned with their seat location should contact any usher and inquire about the possibility of an alternate seat location. The Braves urge guests to use caution when moving around the ballpark and while walking up and down the aisles and through the seating areas. Guests are also advised not to lean on, reach over, sit on, or stand near railings.


State law prohibits ticket reselling within 2,700 feet of Truist Park nor in any of the parking areas that surround it. Tickets associated with such transactions are subject to confiscation. Individuals engaged in scalping tickets, whether seller or buyer, may be subject to arrest. Guests are warned that, in many cases, tickets offered for sale, resale, or transfer by scalpers are misrepresented and/or stolen.


Atlanta Braves pocket schedules are available at the ticket windows, Guest Services and Braves Clubhouse Store, or by mailing in a self-addressed stamped envelope to the following address:

Attn: Schedule Request Atlanta Braves 755 Battery Avenue, Atlanta GA 30339

View Schedule

Scoreboard Messages

Guests can book a scoreboard message online at two days in advance of the game date with a donation to the Atlanta Braves Foundation. Scoreboard messages start at $50 per package. Scoreboard messages are located above the visitor's bullpen in Left Field and will begin playing after the 4th inning.

Season Tickets




Seating Chart

Learn more about your exact seat location at Truist Park by exploring our interactive seating map


As a condition to entry, all fans entering Truist Park consent to being screened via metal detection. These metal detectors (walk through and/or handheld) will be used at all Truist Park gates. Bags are prohibited except clutches that are no larger than 5” X 9”and all clutches shall be subject to inspection upon entry in accordance with Major League Baseball security regulations. These enhanced security measures are the result of MLB’s continuing work with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to increase and standardize security practices across the league. Prohibited items such as weapons of any sort, cans, glass containers, or alcohol are not allowed into the ballpark at any time.


Selfie Sticks


Service Animal Policy

We welcome trained service animals recognized by federal law at Truist Park. “Service Animals” are defined as dogs (or in some cases, miniature horses) that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Service animals must be leashed and under the control of their handler at all times. We ask that handlers connect with a member of the Truist Park Greeter or Security teams if they need to relieve their service animal after being admitted to the Truist Park event. There is an exit and re-entry process and Braves staff can assist with this at all Truist Park gates.


Truist Park is a tobacco-free facility. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is permitted in a designated area outside the Third Base Gate. Tobacco use is prohibited in the seating bowl, concourses, Plaza, restrooms and in all premium seating areas.

Souvenir Programs

Learn more about your favorite Atlanta Braves players and coaches with a souvenir program. It’s the perfect keepsake to commemorate your trip to Truist Park, and its features and Q and A’s with the players are a great way to get to know the team. Souvenir programs can be purchased at any retail location inside Truist Park.

Speed Of Pitches

Guests will be able to check the speed of pitches being thrown on the LED board in left field below the Delta sign.

Spring Training

For more information regarding Atlanta Braves Spring Training, visit


For the convenience of our guests, numerous stairways exist in Truist Park. Guests may use the stairways to gain access to the Terrace and Upper Levels from the Main Concourse or when exiting the ballpark. Guest stairs are located by the 1st and 3rd base gate, across from section 141 (access only to upper level or the Hank Aaron Terrence with proper ticket)


Fold-up strollers should be stored under your seat during the game. If you have a stroller that does not fold-up, please check it at the Guest Services booth located at Section 111 or 314.


Luxury Suites are located on the Lower Level and Terrace Level at the Ballpark and offer the perfect platform for both business and pleasure. Inside the Suites, guests are treated to state-of-the-art amenities including upscale catering, comfortable seating and furnishings that carry a distinct baseball flavor. Visit for more information.


Fans may purchase sunscreen at all Truist Park Clubhouse Store locations inside the ballpark.



Please review the tailgating and parking policies below.

  • Tailgating is only permitted in Lot 29.
  • Grilling is permitted in the grassy area only, and you must have something to extinguish the coals.
  • Due to safety concerns, tents of any kind cannot be set up in any of the Braves parking lots.
  • Fans may purchase parking for VEHICLES ONLY. Purchasing multiple spaces for any use other than parking is strictly prohibited, unless arranged in advance with Group Sales. Proof of authorized parking for multiple spaces is required at the time of entry into Lot 29.
  • All official barriers, fences and traffic dividers must be observed and not moved or altered.
  • Please throw any garbage away, using one of the trash cans made available on site.
  • The set-up of personal restrooms is not allowed in the parking lot.
  • The following actions are strictly prohibited at all times while present at the parking facility:
  • Lewd and/or disruptive behavior
  • Loud music or amplified noise
  • Fighting, taunting or any action that may harm, endanger, threaten or bring discomfort to anyone
  • Use of foul, abusive or obscene language or gestures
  • Possession of any illegal drugs
  • Possession of firearms
  • Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property
  • Failure to observe the Parking and Tailgating Code of Conduct, may result in revocation of ticket and parking privileges.

Television Broadcasts

Atlanta Braves games are telecast on Bally Sports South and Bally Sports Southeast. For a complete listing of Atlanta Braves game times and broadcast schedule, visit us online at

Ticket Information

Season Tickets & Multi-Game Packages: 404-577-9100 (press 1)

Group Tickets: 404-577-9100 (press 3)

Accessible Seating (404)-577-9100 (Option 5) or email [email protected].

CHILDREN TICKETS: Children age two (2) and under may be admitted to Braves games without a ticket. However, they must sit in the lap of an accompanying adult. Children ages three (3) and above require a ticket.

IN PERSON (Ticket Windows): The Truist Park Ticket Office windows are located on the corner of Battery Avenue and the Main Plaza directly across from the Coca-Cola Roxy. The hours of operation are as follows:

  • Events starting before 1:30 p.m.: Ticket Office opens three (3) hours prior to first pitch and will remain open through the end of the 5th inning.
  • Events starting after 1:30 p.m.: Ticket Office opens four (4) hours prior to first pitch and will remain open through the end of the 5th inning.
  • Non-Event Day: CLOSED

LOST/STOLEN TICKETS: A-List Members may have their lost/stolen tickets reissued by contacting their Membership Services Representative or by stopping by the Ticket Services lobby near the Ticket Office upon arrival to Truist Park. The account holder of record must be present to make the request and the Ticket Services staff must verify that the original tickets have not entered the ballpark at the time of the request. If the tickets have been used and are already inside the ballpark, the customer will be required to purchase new tickets, subject to availability. If you purchased your tickets through Ticketmaster, you must contact Ticketmaster Customer Service. Unfortunately lost/stolen or forgotten parking passes cannot be verified, therefore under no circumstances will parking passes be reissued.

OFFICIAL GAME: A game becomes official after 4 1/2 innings, if the Braves lead. Otherwise, five full innings must be completed before it is considered a regulation game.

RAINOUT POLICY: If a game that is legal under Major League Baseball rules is not played on date on the game ticket, please visit for specific information pertaining to your ticket options for that game. There are no rain checks or refunds for parking. There are no refunds or exchanges of expired tickets or of complimentary tickets.

RE-ENTRY: Guests are not allowed to leave Truist Park and return on the same ticket. In the case of an emergency, re-entry can only be granted by a Guest Services Supervisor. Please see a Guest Services team member prior to exiting the gates. All guests re-entering the ballpark are subject to security re-inspection.

No re-entry will be allowed for any Braves parking lots.

STANDING ROOM: A limited number of standing-room only tickets will be available for high capacity games only.

TICKET OFFERS: Check for ticket offers.

Truist Club

Please visit and click on the Truist Club tab for more information on your benefits as a Truist Club Member.



Umbrellas are permitted inside Truist Park. Please be considerate of guests around you when using an umbrella.


Video Board

The main scoreboard, 31 additional LED displays throughout the ballpark and plaza, and over 1,200 TVs combine to bring our fans the best possible viewing and entertainment experience. Other unique features of Truist Park include the chopping tomahawk above the right field grandstands, a water feature in centerfield which can shoot jets of water 80 feet high, fully programmable LED stadium lights, and special effect lighting that lights up the underside of the roof canopy. Along with the scoreboard and LED displays, these special features will combine to create a one of a kind celebration experience during big moments such home runs, etc.

VIP Experience

The Braves offer a VIP Experience on game day to make the most of our trip to Truist Park. For more information, visit


Water Fountains

Water fountains are located on all levels of the ballpark for the use of all staff and guests.


With a variety of both indoor and outdoor event spaces to choose from, Truist Park is the perfect spot for Rehearsal Dinners, bachelor parties, bridal showers and more. It is even available for wedding receptions, allowing couples to celebrate the best day of their lives in a one-of-a-kind location. Whatever your gathering looks like, this venue is sure to knock it out of the park. For more details, contact the special events department at 404-614-2363.

Wheelchair Services

A complimentary wheelchair service is available for guests of Truist Park. Guests can receive a complimentary wheelchair escort to and from their seats or other areas within the ballpark. To request a wheelchair escort, guests can notify a Braves representative upon entry. Courtesy carts from Braves parking lots are also available, simply by letting your parking attendant know upon entry.


Fans are invited to use our complimentary Xfinity wifi throughout the ballpark.

Will Call

With all tickets being mobile, will call as a service is no longer offered through the Truist Park Ticket Office.


Xfinity Club

Please visit and select the Xfinity Club link for more information on your benefits as an Xfinity Club Member.

Xfinity Club Suites

Please visit and click on the Xfinity Suites Club tab for more information on your benefits as an Xfinity Suites Club Member. Xfinity Club suites will become available periodically throughout the season. Visit to request more information.