50/50 Raffle

Presented by Harrah's Cherokee Casinos
50/50 Raffle
The Atlanta Braves Foundation 50/50 Raffle presented by Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos is back for the 2022 season!

The 50/50 Raffle is open to fans currently located on The Battery Atlanta property.

Through the Atlanta Braves Foundation 50/50 Raffle presented by Harrah's Cherokee Casinos, one lucky fan will walk away as the winner of a cash prize during select Atlanta Braves home games. Fans can purchase 50/50 raffle tickets via sellers inside Truist Park or throughout The Battery Atlanta, online here at braves.com/5050 or at braves5050.com, by scanning QR codes posted on each 50/50 raffle kiosk throughout Truist Park and The Battery Atlanta, or through the MLB Ballpark app during Braves games throughout the 2022 season. The Raffle will be open for select games 2 hours prior to (a) the gates opening at Truist Park for Braves home games or (b) the first official pitch for Braves away games, and will end at the conclusion of the 8th inning. A purchase of a raffle ticket gains entry into the grand prize drawing at the end of the 8th inning.

Every transaction is electronically tallied and updated in real time. The ongoing total is displayed inside Truist Park on the LED board located in left-center field, on the Georgia Power Pavilion in The Battery Atlanta, as well as braves5050.com.

The Raffle Jackpot Winner will receive one half of the total net proceeds collected by Atlanta Braves Foundation during the Raffle Period, less any and all applicable taxes or other fees.

Prize claims can be made at the main Guest Services booth at Section 111 inside Truist Park for Braves home games, or by emailing [email protected] for Braves home or away games. All prize claims must be made within thirty (30) days of the raffle drawing date.

50/50 Raffle Winnings

GameWinning TicketWinning AmountTotal RaisedCharity
August 3 vs. Phillies88550861029$6,368$12,736Atlanta Braves Foundation
August 2 vs. Phillies68477255028$10,851$21,702Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 31 vs. Dbacks99339731146$9,142$18,283Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 30 vs. Dbacks88220196097$12,032$24,063Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 29 vs. Dbacks76141899073$9,321$18,641Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 24 vs. Angels99337761168$8,765$17,529Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 23 vs. Angels81619322099$18,667$37,333Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 22 vs. Angels99335652018$13,738$27,475Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 13 vs. Mets83732217012$7,899$15,798Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 12 vs. Mets74667322115$15,620$31,240Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 11 vs. Mets75587576093$20,167$40,333Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 10 vs. Nationals86481190010$8,332$16,664Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 9 vs. Nationals85394618017$10,628$21,256Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 8 vs. Nationals74320358168$11,445$22,890Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 7 vs. Cardinals99330127003$8,121$16,241Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 6 vs. Cardinals78153890002$8,546$17,091Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 5 vs. Cardinals79061538130$9,110$18,220Atlanta Braves Foundation
July 4 vs. Cardinals70982579002$12,326$24,653Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 26 vs. Dodgers99326369016$23,926$47,851Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 25 vs. Dodgers84206023059$59,848$119,696Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 24 vs. Dodgers99320675158$53,304$106,607Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 23 vs. Giants99319384001$7,940$15,879Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 22 vs. Giants75938708200$8,450$16,899Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 21 vs. Giants85851312070$6,206$12,411Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 20 vs. Giants85761964178$12,214$24,427Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 12 vs. Pirates72063068065$8,858$17,715Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 11 vs. Pirates82986975024$16,610$33,220Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 10 vs. Pirates79896152170$11,684$23,367Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 9 vs. Pirates72818689026$7,113$14,226Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 8 vs. Athletics99312865138$27,184$54,368Atlanta Braves Foundation
June 7 vs. Athletics69637545086$8,147$16,293ALS Association Georgia
May 29 vs. Marlins99311222436$12,318$24,635Atlanta Braves Foundation
May 28 vs. Marlins99310627214$12,248$24,495Atlanta Braves Foundation
May 27 vs. Marlins79692021038$11,024$22,047Atlanta Braves Foundation
May 26 vs. Phillies77608806071$10,686$21,372Robb School Memorial Fund
May 25 vs. Phillies72519929335$6,976$13,952Robb School Memorial Fund
May 24 vs. Phillies76432891023$8,081$16,162Atlanta Braves Foundation
May 23 vs. Phillies99306859017$15,339$30,678Atlanta Braves Foundation
May 15 vs. Padres99306167219$9,404$18,808Atlanta Braves Foundation
May 14 vs. Padres75563160019$16,414$32,828Atlanta Braves Foundation
May 13 vs. Padres71486569094$10,426$20,852Atlanta Braves Foundation
May 11 vs. Redsox82304623030$10,592$21,183Atlanta Braves Foundation
May 10 vs. Redsox74223241040$11,044$22,087Atlanta Braves Foundation
May 8 vs. Brewers75026546194$6,723$13,445Atlanta Braves Foundation
May 7 vs. Brewers71961349467$9,976$19,952Henry Louis Aaron Fund
May 6 vs. Brewers99301146051$6,806$13,612Henry Louis Aaron Fund
April 28 vs. Cubs68190768276$8,483$16,965Atlanta Braves Foundation
April 27 vs. Cubs72105806124$4,860$9,720Atlanta Braves Foundation
April 26 vs. Cubs99299742052$7,514$15,028Atlanta Braves Foundation
April 24 vs. Marlins15830155044$7,335$14,670Atlanta Braves Foundation
April 23 vs. Marlins73759544176$15,846$31,691Atlanta Braves Foundation
April 22 vs. Marlins70673391092$10,435$20,870Atlanta Braves Foundation
April 13 vs. Nationals66873312057$4,447$8,894Atlanta Braves Foundation
April 12 vs. Nationals16802438032$4,015$8,029Atlanta Braves Foundation
April 11 vs. Nationals99296022038$14,381$28,762Atlanta Braves Foundation
April 10 vs. Reds11606363034$7,169$14,338Atlanta Braves Foundation
April 9 vs. Reds29536977420$13,173$26,345Atlanta Braves Foundation
April 8 vs. Reds99294153094$4,190$8,380Atlanta Braves Foundation
April 7 vs. Reds29372194024$7,296$14,591Atlanta Braves Foundation