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SunTrust Park Seating Chart

There is some amount of netting or screening in front of the following seating sections:

Sections: 1-9, 17-34, 118-133, Champions Suites (Suites A,B,1-10)

  • Height of netting is 31.5 feet.
  • Netting begins at the start of the camera well on the far end of the 1B dugout and end at the start of the camera well on the far end of the 3B dugout.
  • From behind home plate, the netting will extend 149 feet down the 1B line and 145 feet down the 3B line.

Fans in these sections are still exposed to objects leaving the field of play, including bats and bat fragments, and thrown or batted balls; ticket holder assumes all risk of injury. For more information on netting or screening coverage and seating options, please contact the Atlanta Braves ticket office at (404) 577-9100.

The Braves will be extending the netting at SunTrust Park to the foul poles and barring any complications, expect to complete the project by the end of September 2019. The extension will provide additional protection for our fans while preserving the overall game day experience as much as possible.