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Navigate to SunTrust Park with Waze

The Braves have partnered with Waze - the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app - to navigate fans directly to their parking lot at SunTrust Park.

Select the address below to use Waze to navigate to your parking lot.


Battery Red Deck
2565 Circle 75 Parkway SE

Battery Orange Deck/Delta Valet Parking    
800 Battery Avenue SE

Battery Delta Deck
655 Battery Avenue SE

Braves 9 (B9)
900 Circle 75

Braves 11 (B11)
1100 Circle 75

Braves North 25 (N25)
2999 Circle 75 Parkway

Braves North 29 (N29)
3050 Circle 75 Parkway

Braves East Lot (E31)
320 Interstate North Pkwy

Braves East 32 (E32)
300 Interstate North Park

Braves East 35 (E35)
290 Interstate North Circle

Braves East 41 (E41)
180 Interstate North

Braves East 42 (E42)
200 Interstate North Pkwy

Braves East 43 (E43)
3100 Interstate North Circle SE

Braves East 44 (E44)
280 Interstate North Circle SE

Braves South 60 (S60)
1 Galleria Pkwy SE

Braves South 61 (S61)
1 Galleria Pkwy SE