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This fan is visiting every ballpark this season ... and painting them from his seat

It's not uncommon for a fan to set out with the goal of visiting all 30 ballparks in the league. Each has its own character and vibe, plus it's a great reason to get to see many of the best cities the United States and Canada have to offer. Heck, some fans even try to accomplish the feat in just 30 days.

So, it's probably not particularly notable that Andy Brown is planning on traveling to all 30 parks this season ... except for the fact that he's also turning each stop into a temporarily artist's studio. That's right: He's painting each stadium he visits while he takes in the game.

And he does the painting right from his seat:

Here's a video of him in action in Oakland, where he was able to set up a small easel at his seat.

It's an ambitious undertaking, to say the least. Between cramped quarters and the vagaries of weather, a baseball stadium doesn't exactly offer an ideal setting for painting. But you're not going to catch us complaining about seeing how he captures the views of each ballpark.