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A praying mantis crawled all over Erick Fedde during the national anthem

Distractions always seem to come at the least optimal moments, whether it's a terrible itch you need to scratch while getting a haircut or the phone call that comes just as you started being productive. 
Prior to Game 2 of Tuesday's doubleheader against the Braves, Nationals pitcher Erick Fedde found his attention distracted from the national anthem when a praying mantis started crawling up his arm all the way to his neck, before settling in on his right shoulder for the duration of the song:

After staring at Fedde's mantis through the entire anthem, Matt Grace had seen enough and appeared ready to escort it from the dugout, but the mantis made a leaping exit before he had a chance.

After the game, Fedde suggested that his encounter with the mantis may have led to a deep and meaningful friendship.
Back in 2016, the Royals rode a pair of rally mantises to a 17-7 record. As the Nationals chase the Phillies and Braves in the National League East, the appearance of a rally mantis of their own may just be the spiritual force they need. Hopefully, it reappears for Wednesday's contest.