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J-Lo, A-Rod, Kanye and Kim Kardashian took a selfie at the Met Gala and we have some questions

Ageless queen of the world J-Lo attended the Met Gala with her fiancé A-Rod on Monday. They posed for cameras, they walked up some pink stairs and they took a selfie in a car with a guy looking somewhat unimpressed in the background.

They also, they ALSO, took this photo.

Quite the foursome. But we do have some questions.


Who are you kissing? Kanye, your husband, is behind you. Who's behind the camera? Kris Humphries? Joey Lawrence? Did they kiss you back? Why are they at the Met Gala in the year 2019?


I don't have much to say except that that necklace probably weighs more than I do.


He is so proud. Just thinking like, "Look at who I'm with, and look at you, sitting alone at home eating your feelings away in a bag of deep-fried Oreos. Keep refreshing your Instagram and living vicariously through people you've never met. Losers."

Great. Thanks, A-Rod.


Kanye is wondering why he's here and who is this guy trying to take a selfie with me? He also seems to be experiencing the onset of allergies standing in this giant pink flower cave.