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Baseball game beer vendor buckets make pretty decent foul ball receptacles, apparently

An A's beer vendor was just doing his job along the right-field line, walking around some of the team's new box seats at the Coliseum in the seventh inning of Sunday's game against the Rangers, when something happened.

At the plate a few hundred feet away, Asdrubal Cabrera slapped a deep drive that sailed into the seats -- er, no, it didn't ... not exactly. This vendor, standing in the aisle between sections 102 and 103, witnessed firsthand the flight of a baseball as the sphere clanked down right into his beer bucket before bouncing a few feet away and into the excited hands of a young fan.

After a few more looks (as A's broadcaster Dallas Braden noted, verifying whether this ball landed in the vendor's bucket is what deserved the most attention on this replay review), it seems this vendor may have actually physically tried to catch the ball in his bucket. But, much like the carnival games where even a concept as simple-sounding as "throwing a ball into a bucket" ends up being impossible, this ball bounced right out of the bucket regardless of his effort.

Maybe next time, guy! But a great effort nonetheless.