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Make-A-Wish kid August Wold's pregame prediction of a Matt Chapman homer came true

Saturday was a huge day at the ballpark for a little baseball fan named August Wold. As part of his Make-A-Wish dream, he signed a contract with his favorite team, the A's.

Really! The team met with him, had a press conference and everything:

August even got to bat on the field at the Coliseum, delivering the game's honorary "first hit."

That wasn't all that August had in store -- much to the A's benefit.

See, August made a prediction when he met with the media before the game. When asked if anyone would homer on Saturday, he gave a very matter-of-fact reply: "Chapman."

The fifth inning came along and, well, August's prophecy was realized:

August really just knew. It was foretold.

Maybe the A's should have August around for some more games. He is a dinger whisperer.