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Believe it or not, A's legend Rickey Henderson turns up in 'Toy Story 4' -- kind of

This summer, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Bo Peep and the rest of the gang will reconvene for another adventure in "Toy Story 4" -- and while the anticipated new movie from Disney and Pixar is expected to introduce some new characters for its fourth installment, there's one new character you definitely didn't expect.

Rickey Henderson.

Yes, that Rickey Henderson, one of the most athletically gifted baseball players the game's ever seen. If you're confused, I'm with you, as this was pretty confusing upon first glance. But, as pointed out by Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, this sure looks like an A's bobblehead doll modeled after Henderson's iconic pose upon breaking the all-time stolen base record in 1991:

Lil' Rickey hasn't turned up yet in one of the film's trailers, though the collection of still images available in advance of the movie's release seem to indicate that some of the story's events take place in an antique shop, which could feasibly be where this bobblehead resides.

Peter Hartlaub of the Chronicle points out that "Toy Story 4" producer Jonas Rivera is a big A's fan, and some obvious Bay Area references have materialized in past Pixar/Disney films such as "Up" and "Inside Out," so that might explain this fun Easter egg for eagle-eyed enthusiasts.