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A swarm of bees attacked the Angel Stadium bullpens and caused a delay

Unless you are a beekeeper equipped with a suit designed to offer complete protection from stings, you're probably right to be at least a little scared of bees. Their stings are quite painful and you never really know what action is going to be enough to set them off.

During the fifth inning of Sunday's game between the Rangers and Angels, a swarm of bees decided to take over the bullpens at Angel Stadium. Somehow, Rangers reliever Kyle Bird was relatively unfazed. He swatted them away, but generally went about his business warming up.

"When Bird had to warm up, it was a zoo for sure," explained Angels reliever Justin Anderson. "We were watching him, trying not to laugh at him as he was swatting stuff left and right."

Some Angels players were oddly prepared for the situation and quickly fashioned some makeshift beekeeping gear.

Wisely, not everyone was willing to power through the bee situation and a delay was called to get things in order. Hopefully they have an exterminator on staff because baseball is hard enough even when you're not being attacked by bees.