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Aaron Judge, baseball god, reduces child to tears

Aaron Judge is a big deal. He plays for the New York Yankees, he hits mammoth home runs and he has an arm that might someday launch us to Mars. He's also a literal giant: 6-foot-8, 280 pounds. He towers over average humans and can make wrestlers look like fans who got on-field tickets because their big brother knows somebody on the team.

He's almost too large and star-powered to believe. You see him on TV or in commercials, but it's almost as if he can't exist in real life. So, when you do somehow see him in person, it's as if you've just seen God.

First, there's wonder and joy that the all-powerful Judge has decided to give her his batting gloves. And then, realization sets in. This was Aaron Judge. Aaron Judge. It's like when teens first saw The Beatles in concert. When Laura Dern sees her first dinosaur in Jurassic Park. You'll never forget it. Nothing will ever top this moment.

If you watch the full clip, the entire family is in disbelief. They're not sure what just happened. Thus is the Aaron Judge experience.