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Adam Ottavino celebrated signing with the Yankees by posting a throwback photo with David Cone

The Yankees officially signed Adam Ottavino on Thursday, adding yet another formidable arm to their intimidating bullpen. The fact that Ottavino grew up a Yankees fan was the cherry on top of the move, and he made it even better on Sunday when he posted a throwback photo on Instagram from his younger days:

That's a roughly 11-year-old Ottavino with then-Yankees ace David Cone, who won four World Series rings with New York before moving up to the YES Network booth.
Ottavino didn't meet just Cone, though -- he met his stunning sweater, too. This is how we reacted upon seeing this incredibly '90s artifact:

The only way Ottavino's picture could get more '90s is if he had Cone sign a Beanie Baby while he played with his Tamagotchi. Cone should bring this look back in 2019. After all, he's still into it.

Thank you for this treasure, Adam. Sincerely.