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Alex Bregman and Juan Soto turned World Series Game 6 into the greatest show on earth

Much is made of the bat flip, one of baseball's most expressive methods of celebration. And that makes a ton of sense, as it's more or less a way of shouting "I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD" for a few seconds, at least, while rounding the bases after crushing a huge home run.

But after giving Houston a 2-1 lead with his first-inning blast in Game 6 of the World Series on Tuesday night, Alex Bregman didn't throw his bat to the heavens. No, he did something much more calm ... and a ton more dramatic, frankly.

He carried it with him all the way to first base, before dropping it in the exchange with Houston's first base coach.

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Bregman's carry was eye-popping, and, of course, it was noticed by 21-year-old Nats phenom Juan Soto. So when he smashed a homer of his own off Justin Verlander in the fifth inning to put Washington on top, 3-2, he also carried his bat down the first-base line.

It was an on-field "Yeah, I saw it, and I'm gonna do it too," which he explained as such after the game.

This is it.

This is baseball drama of the highest degree, and I love it. It's the pinnacle of game-within-the-game showdowns.

Two of the game's brightest young stars staging a swag-off under the most intense of moments in the World Series, for millions to see? That's what it's all about.