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Watch an Arkansas softball player hit for the home run cycle

Hitting for the cycle is perhaps the coolest thing a hitter can do in baseball. It may not be the most impressive thing, but it could be the coolest. There's a reason everyone got super excited when Brock Holt made history after recording the first postseason cycle against the Yankees in October.
But Holt didn't hit a home run cycle. In fact, no one has hit a home run cycle in MLB history. That's why you may not even know what it is. Well, it's what happens when you hit a solo homer, a two-run homer, a three-run homer and a grand slam all in the same game. On Saturday, Arkansas Razorbacks sophomore Danielle Gibson accomplished the feat in only four innings:

Obviously, this accomplishment takes a bit of luck, since Gibson couldn't really control who was on base when she stepped up to the plate.
Even so, she hit four home runs in the game, something that has only been done 18 times in MLB history. She was really good on Saturday, and she was also a little bit lucky. The result was a performance that was super cool.