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An announcer caught a foul ball while calling a game and excitedly shouted, 'What a play by me!'

Have you ever done something that made you feel so proud of yourself that you literally said, out loud, "Boy, am I impressive" and had it genuinely apply to the situation?

Just like you, I haven't. But an announcer for the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League did, and he deserved every second of his self-accolades.

A foul ball was lined back behind home plate, prompting Marc Schwartz to spring into action. He speared the flying baseball -- barehanded, naturally -- but none of this caused a disruption in his play-by-play. Instead, he called it as if it were just another play in the game itself:

"What a play by me!"

There's just something inherently amusing hearing somebody say that about themselves. And in this case, it's totally applicable!

In fact, it's so inspiring, I might try to use it the next time I successfully throw a box of oatmeal into the shopping cart on the fly. I just hope somebody gets it on video if I do.