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The Astros created a note to get you out of literally anything so you can watch the ALDS

October baseball is unpredictable and weird -- would we want it any other way? Probably not. Especially when you have a showdown like Tuesday night's NL Wild Card Game that gave us 13 innings of nail-biting enjoyment. Having said that, we know how important these games are -- and the Astros want to make sure you are able to attend a very important game of theirs.
The AL West champs will take on the Indians in the American League Division Series presented by T-Mobile on TBS starting Friday with Game 1 at Minute Maid Park. The start time for that game is 1:05 p.m. CT -- right in the middle of most work and school days. Don't worry, though, the Astros put together a note to hand to your supervisor or teacher to make sure you are in attendance ... to the game:

Hey, whatever works.