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Orbit had a 'Free Haircuts' sign on the field, and the Mariners' Jean Segura couldn't resist the offer

When you come face-to-face with an offer that's just too good to ignore, it's prudent to take full advantage.
Out on the Minute Maid Park grass ahead of Wednesday's Mariners-Astros game, Seattle shortstop Jean Segura was confronted with a can't-miss offer in the form of a free haircut. This was to be administered by Orbit, definitely a licensed cosmetologist and definitely the type to find any way to entice opposing players into some shenanigans.
Segura was enticed, and he got a "haircut," as the sign promised: 

Just another happy customer! Here's hoping Orbit has to carve up a "Diaz-style" 'do next time, styled after Mariners closer/haircut phenomenonEdwin Díaz ...