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You'll have the most creative baby name if you use one of these baseball-themed options

(Loren Elliott)

Congratulations, you're having a baby! While we can't help you figure out how to pay for that baby, or if it's time to pack up and move to the suburbs, we can at least help you find a name. 
Rather than naming your baby something boring like Michael (Do not name your baby Michael -- there are like 8,000 of them) or crazy like Pilot Inspektor, you should use its moniker to pay homage to your baseball fandom.
But what should you name your progeny? Let's break down your options: 
511 wins and an award named after him makes Cy Young a worthy namesake that every person will recognize. If you want, you could even name your child Silas, and shorten it to Cy as a nickname. Just know that Silas is quickly rising in the baby name game
The greatest left-handed pitcher in history? Yeah, that'll do for a name. You could also go with Koufax if you'd like, which just rolls off the tongue. 

It's been over 100 years, and Honus Wagner is still arguably the best shortstop to ever step foot on the field. 
Anyone can be named Jackie -- that's a common name. But Robinson -- which can be shortened to Rob, or Robby, or Robbie, or any variety of spellings that you can dream up -- is a perfect name to honor the player who broke the color barrier. 
Only because it's a stretch to name a child "Say Hey!" 
Why not name the centerpiece of your family after the man behind the "We Are Family" Pittsburgh Pirates? 

There's only one Mickey. And no, it's not this one. (It's Mantle, if you were unsure.) 
While this is a great nickname, just remember it wasn't a true nickname. Charlie Finley thought up this one for Jim Hunter as a marketing ploy. Don't worry -- your child doesn't have to be a marketing tool (though that could be a great way to set up a college fund.)
Show your love for everyone's favorite pitcher-slash-philosopher Bill Lee with this bad boy. 
You'll probably have to explain that it's paying respect to Carl Furillo, who was nicknamed "Skoonj" because of his love of snails. (The Italian word for snails is scungilli.) It sounds super cool, though. 
It's the kind of beautiful, semi-fairy tale type name that sounds like it's out of a movie. Plus, if your kid does reach the Majors and gets an at-bat, they'll have seen more playing time than Moonlight Graham. 

Old Hoss
Is there anything funnier than calling a newborn "Old Hoss"? 
People might think you're talking about the giant sewer rat from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" instead of Ted Williams, but both are cool. 
You may have to explain to the other parents at the jumping jamboree that, no, it's not because of your child's excellent work in baby yoga, but rather for the big-eared Hall of Fame catcher. 
A great broadcaster and a great X-Files character too. (X-Files creator Chris Carter actually named Gillian Anderson's character after the broadcaster.) 
You can put it on the board, yes

This is already a name -- Carey -- with a more unique, and baseballfied spelling. Add the enormous glasses to your newborn for the full effect. 
OK, so it's not a broadcaster, but Henry Chadwick was the founder of the box score and the first sabermetrician. This is the pick for you math freaks. 
Wrigley, Fenway, Camden
Have a favorite team? You can probaly name your child after their stadium.  
The term for a second baseman works pretty well as a baby name, too. Just watch out for kids with strong knowledge of early movie history who may make Keystone Cop jokes
Unless your house has a "No pepper" sign. 
It's a cool term for a pitcher. But be wary: It's also a great name for a bully. I'm not saying your kid will be a bully, just that they have a higher likelihood of becoming one
There are already baseball players named Homer hitting homers. That's a great path for a child to follow. 

If someone can have the name DJ (or, oddly enough J.A.) why not the name AB? If you really want to get weird, try out SLG or OBP. 
It's already the most buzzworthy pitch in the Majors, so why not make it a buzzworthy name? 
Just think of how satisfying it will be to yell Dinger all the time. 
Not just the most hilarious pitch, but this one even sounds like a name. 

Worst case scenario, they grow up to be an '80s movie villain. 
Not only a term for a first-year player, but thanks to Rookie Davis, it's a name you'll see in a big league box score. 
Is there anything wrong with your kid's nickname being fun? I say no. 
wouldn't name my kid this, but hey, it's a free country. 
Will this confuse people? Probably. Is it worth it? Absolutely. 
If it's good enough for Harper Lee, it's good enough for you.