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These two Boston fans were not pleased that the Red Sox gave up Chris Davis’ first homer of the season

In 2018, the Orioles had the worst record in baseball at 47-115, with 11 fewer wins than the next-worst team in the league. Perhaps no player epitomized the Orioles' season more than Chris Davis: The former star slugger hit only .168 with 16 home runs.

Many projected the 2019 season to be more of the same for Davis and the Orioles. Until Saturday, Davis had no hits, with a hitless streak of 54 at-bats stretching back to last season. He also hadn't homered since last August.

On Monday, the Orioles beat the Red Sox, 8-1, to split a four-game series against the defending World Series champions. That alone should be shocking enough given how their respective 2018 seasons went. But, just to make things a bit more on the nose, Davis hit a home run in the 8th inning -- his first in nearly eight months.

Understandably, Boston fans were both shocked and perturbed at how things unfolded.

When your team -- the one that just won the World Series -- loses to the worst team and gives up a home run to the coldest hitter in history, words just don't feel adequate. Sometimes, like these fans, all you can do is throw your hands in the air and look on in disbelief.