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Brandon Dixon's home run 'robbery' against Yolmer Sanchez didn't quite turn out the way he planned

Something weird happened during the White Sox's 12-8 win over the Reds on Tuesday night. No, it wasn't the fact that the game strolled into 12 innings, but there was a home run robbery that didn't exactly happen.
You see, on an 0-2 pitch, Yolmer Sánchez smacked a hard-hit line drive to deep right field -- and it appeared to be making its final descent over the fence. Reds outfielder Brandon Dixon seemed to have a good read on the ball and even got a glove on it. And despite the Reds broadcast claiming, "that ball is out of here," this happened:

The ball bounced off Dixon's glove and back into play and even though he lost his glove in the process, he threw it into the infield. It was ruled a triple after review and was part of a very successful inning for the Sox bats.
Still, we appreciate the efforts put forth by Dixon.