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Brewers bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel took advantage of the rainout by using the tarp as a slip-n-slide

Wednesday night's Brewers-Pirates game was postponed due to rain -- and there was a lot of rain. To the point where there was an actual flood in one of the tunnels at PNC Park. But that didn't stop Brewers bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel from making sure all of his equipment was taken care of -- and even having some fun in the elements.
Hanel was spotted retrieving some equipment while braving the water that was up to his knees -- barefoot, but still in great spirits:

Perhaps he was in such a great mood because he was able to turn the rain-filled tarp into his own personal slip-n-slide:

Look how happy he is! He appeared to be making the most of the night.
This is also the guy who broke the Phillies' visitors clubhouse record of cheesesteak consumption when he downed 23 sandwiches in July 2015. 
You're truly a hero, Marcus.