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Brock Holt hit the injury list after his 2-year-old son scratched his eye

Children: No longer content to simply steal your time and money, they now want to take your eyesight. At least, that's how I'm choosing to read these tea leaves as Red Sox super utility man Brock Holt and his magical hair have hit the injured list.

Why? Because his absolutely adorable son, Griffin, scratched his eye back on Opening Day. Asked what play it happened on, Holt said, "It was actually a play at the hotel. ... I went and got Grif up out of bed and was bringing him to our bed and his fingernails got me pretty good."

Obviously, since you have to, you know, see the ball to hit the ball, any difficulty seeing is going to be tough. Holt talked about how it's both not funny, but also pretty funny to NESN recently:

While it's an odd and unfortunate injury, it doesn't even measure up to some of the weirdest injuries in history. Like, oh, when Glenallen Hill was injured because he dreamed of spiders, or when Steve Sparks hurt his shoulder trying to rip a phone book.