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Bryce Harper told NHL Network why he loves the Las Vegas Golden Knights

There's something about a professional athlete rooting for another team that is very special. It must be because even though they are one of the most phenomenally gifted performers in the world, they will still turn into one of us -- a frothing fan screaming at the TV and losing sleep because of how a group of grown-ups perform on the field. 
Bryce Harper -- a once-in-a-generation-type baseball player -- is now a huge hockey fan thanks to the Las Vegas Golden Knights, who are the first major professional sports team to arrive in his home city. 
So, after predicting/hoping for the Capitals-Knights Stanley Cup Finals, he appeared on NHL Network on Saturday to talk about his wish coming true. 

"Being born and raised from Vegas, I think a lot of people are very proud of [the Golden Knights.] I know I am. Being able to say that I come from Las Vegas, a lot of people looked at it kind of weird when I was younger. They thought I lived in a casino and didn't have a real house to live in," Harper joked. "Being a fan of a team for the first time in my life is pretty incredible." 
Though he recognizes the talent that the Capitals have -- a smart choice considering the city he plays in -- he remained 100 percent behind the Knights. 
"I'm definitely happy for the Caps. A lot of great players on that team, as well," Harper said before rattling off a few names including Braden Holtby, Alex Ovechkin, John Carlson and T.J. Oshie. "I was born and raised in Las Vegas and I support the Golden Knights." 
Watch his full appearance in the clip at the top of the post.