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Apparently, Carol Danvers played baseball according to the new 'Captain Marvel' trailer

On Tuesday, Marvel Studios released the trailer for the highly anticipated "Captain Marvel" movie. Starring Brie Larson, it's Marvel's first solo female superhero, which is reason enough to celebrate. 
The trailer gave us plenty of information, as it introduced us to Carol Danvers, established an extraterrestrial threat and even made clear its set in the 1990s by having her drop from the sky into a Blockbuster Video. More importantly, we get a small glimpse of a young Danvers playing baseball at the 1:12 mark. 

So, what can we gather from this very brief shot? Let's break it down. 
1. She wears No. 57

While this could be a subtle reference or easter egg -- perhaps to Avengers No. 57, marking the first appearance of the silver age Vision -- it could also be in homage to her favorite player. Given that this film is set during the '90s, and she would have played Little League baseball in the 1980s, that means she must be the world's largest Steve Howe fan. Howe wore No. 57 for the Dodgers, Rangers and Yankees from 1980-96 (he wore No. 30 in his lone year with the Twins). 
2. The socks

This is proof that Captain Marvel has always had excellent fashion sense. (The Captain Marvel costume is arguably the best-looking one in the Marvel universe.) 
Plus, are the red boots she wears when in uniform a nod to the red socks she wore during Little League? Hmmm ...
3. She's an iconoclast
Girls and young women are often given a hard time when they decide to play baseball and are often pushed to play softball or other athletic endeavors. Danvers clearly is unwilling to back down from something she wants to do.
4. Her superpower is not sliding
While we aren't positive what superpowers Captain Marvel will have in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the trailer shows her with some kind of energy blast emerging from her firsts at one point), she's definitely no Javier Baez-type super slider. Somehow, Danvers' slide leaves her far from the plate -- perhaps because she had a homeplate collision with the catcher -- or simply because she has a terrible center of gravity. (The trailer suggests she may not be from Earth, so this is a possibility.) 
I will say that it is also possible that she hit the deck after a statement pitch up and in, and the bat is already out of frame. 

5. She plays for the Sparrows

It's hard to tell, but the front of her uniform says "Sparrows." There are a handful of minor Marvel characters that have used the name, but unless this is a real deep easter egg, that's probably not significant. There also hasn't been a big leaguer named Sparrow since Sparrow McCaffery in 1889. So, is this just a red herring to throw people off that spend too much time analyzing trailers? Is it just a fun name for a baseball team? We'll have to wait until the film is released on March 8 to find out.