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Carlos Gomez robbed Tyler Wade of a home run and couldn't stop smiling about it afterward

Yankees rookie Tyler Wade currently has 11 hits in his Major League career -- but he's still searching for his first home run. 
He thought he had it in Tuesday's 11-4 win over the Rays at Yankee Stadium when he lofted a high fly ball to right field in the sixth inning. However, Rays right fielder Carlos Gómez had other plans, tracking the ball and timing a leap absolutely perfectly in order to rob Wade of the dinger.
It was a great play, and afterward Wade couldn't hide his bemused smile, as if to say to Gomez, "Aw, c'mon man, that's not fair." Gomez was also smiling -- at his successful play, but also maybe back at Wade, and definitely at Rays reliever Austin Pruitt: 

That's what Gomez does. He has fun out there on the diamond
After the game, Gomez told's Danny Knobler about his process for making home run-stealing catches: 
"I just go by the flow. I look at the wall and had a feeling I had to jump. I timed my leap perfectly. Those fly balls, you get time to think."
And of his reaction and all the smiling: 
"Every time you catch a ball and save a run, it's an exciting moment. Especially for a reliever, because you know it might take four or five games [to get the ERA back down]."
As for Wade, the search for his first homer will have to wait a bit longer.
Maybe until after Gomez and the Rays leave town.