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At long last, Mac finally had his catch with Chase Utley

Everyone has a hero. It's that one person who can do no wrong in your mind, and if it's someone famous, then chances are you're dying to meet them one day.

A decade ago, we learned that Mac from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" hoped to have a catch with then-Phillies star Chase Utley. His methods of trying to make this happen were strange, to say the least, though the letter he wrote did get a response (albeit a few years late).

Fast-forward to Friday. The retired Utley was being honored at Citizens Bank Park with his own night, and he was all set to throw the first pitch.

Who would be catching it? You might think of one of Utley's iconic teammates -- maybe Jimmy Rollins or Ryan Howard. Perhaps even his longtime manager, Charlie Manuel.

Nope. It was none other than Mac:

He's just living it up. What a moment for that kid. (Yes, we know that "kid" is roughly the same age as Utley himself, but just go with it.)

Hopefully the two will celebrate afterward with some cheesesteaks and Tastykakes, a drink at Paddy's Pub and maybe a rerun of Super Bowl LII. We know both would be game.