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Chris Archer belly flopped on a pitch to Ryon Healy, but still got the strikeout

In baseball, dancing is typically reserved for mascots, fans and outfielders celebrating a win. But it doesn't have to be that way ... as Chris Archer seems committed to showing. 

On Saturday, the Rays starter ended the third inning of his team's game against the Mariners by striking out Ryon Healy and -- whether intentional or not -- capped it off with a perfectly executed belly flop.


Just in case you were wondering: No, he wasn't on the ground for the purpose of picking up diamonds.

This wasn't the first strikeout Archer has punctuated with some possible dance moves. In his last start on Monday against the A's, Archer celebrated his strikeout of Matt Joyce by skipping off the mound: 


In his next start, look for Archer to do the worm.