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Christian Yelich became the king of Wisconsin after crushing a beer at Thursday's Bucks game

Mythology is littered with instances in which a feat of strength is used to determine who will earn a title or some other distinction. Arthur pulling Excalibur from a stone to become king. Odysseus besting a line of suitors in the use of his bow to take back his home in Ithaca. George and Frank Costanza wrestling at the conclusion of each Festivus for some vaguely defined masculine supremacy in the family.

In Wisconsin -- home of numerous breweries and a baseball team named the Brewers -- it's fitting that the title of Sports King would be determined by chugging a beer. And during Thursday night's Eastern Conference Finals game between the Bucks and Raptors, that's exactly what happened.

First up was Packers quarterback and two-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers, who failed to extract the proverbial sword from the proverbial stone.

With the title of One True MVP of Wisconsin on the line, Brewers outfielder and 2018 NL MVP Christian Yelich stepped up and claimed the crown like it was nothing.

Now, by ancient Wisconsin custom, we can all agree that Yelich is the best MVP in the state and its true king. Long may he reign!