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Cody Bellinger forgot to take his pants with him on his slide into third base

Cody Bellinger is doing it all in 2019. He's hitting the ball of sight in an MVP-caliber campaign and he's leading the Dodgers in a rout of the NL West that is all but guaranteed to lead to their seventh consecutive division title. He's a wonder to watch.

However, baseball likes to find a way to prove that no one is completely perfect. Babe Ruth was caught stealing to end a World Series. Tommy John once committed three errors on one play. Manny Ramirez did, well, whatever this cut-off play was. Everyone's fallible.

Bellinger found that out in the bottom of the fourth inning on Tuesday night against the Blue Jays. He cleared the bases with one swing to turn a 5-2 game into a more comfortable 8-2 margin (while picking up his 100th RBI in the process), and he was thinking triple all the way.

Perhaps this was too bold a move for a man with only two triples on the season because the baseball gods struck him down sliding into third ... and he lost his belt, to boot:

Unfortunate. Entertaining as all get-out! But unfortunate. No one wants to pull a Steve Lyons and lose their pants right in the middle of the diamond.

Of course, driving in three runs at the same time that all this happened will do wonders for your potential embarrassment; Bellinger was able to just sheepishly laugh it off.

If this happened to me? Well, it was bad enough getting my pants stuck on the top of a fence at my friend's house when I was 12. I screamed. It definitively fell under the category of "not cool."

But even when something bad happens to Bellinger, it's in the middle of something great. That's the kind of overpowering season it's been for the Dodgers' young superstar.