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It's easy to reference 'The Matrix' with Collin McHugh's moves, but is there a better comparison?

It was already a challenging enough night in baseball trying to figure out how Gio Urshela could make this throw while falling at third base. Then, Collin McHugh threw everyone for a loop with his mind-boggling maneuver to evade a line drive during the Astros' game against the A's.

It didn't make any sense. But it happened.

As soon as it did, seemingly everyone turned back the clock to 1999 to make their best "Matrix" references. There's no shame in that! We did it, too -- Neo perfected the bullet time look, and McHugh did a pretty darn good impression.

Others went outside the box with their thinking, though. We salute them for their innovation.

Instead of "Matrix" thoughts, what about a ninja?

McHugh's mascot pal Orbit thought that he could be a secret limbo master.

With that kind of flexibility, McHugh would also fit in well at Cirque du Soleil.

There was one comparison that was king though, and it was one that took another ninja to consider.

Yes. Absolutely this.

All respect to the fainting goat, a true icon.