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Watch this terrifying footage of a baseball groundskeeper getting eaten by a tarp

A hard rain began to fall at Sunday's Padres-Cubs game.

Umpires raised their hands to call time, players vacated the field and the tarp, waiting, and watching, in its brick-laden nest down the first-base line, began to rumble with glee.

It was rolled out onto the playing surface and stayed there for about 30 minutes, until the rain stopped.

But when it was time for it to leave, it didn't want to go. It wanted more time in the Wrigley Field spotlight. It was angry. It was ornery. It was taking something with it -- it ate an entire person.

Fortunately, the man was spit back out -- perhaps because he didn't agree with the tarp's palette, perhaps because it was all just part of the sick game that generations of tarp have been playing for decades.

We'll never know. We're afraid to find out.