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This dad who caught a foul ball while holding his baby is the undisputed king of multitasking

There are certain ... cliches which come with being a dad. The dreaded "dad joke," for one. Being able to do a million different things at once is another. Traditionally, dads are more or less "superheroes," assuming they do things like change the oil, mow the lawn, trim the hedges, clean the rain gutters, put up holiday lights and craft a coffee table in the garage, all in the same weekend afternoon.

This Phillies fan at Wednesday's game against the D-backs can surely do all of the above at the same time. After all, he effortlessly reached his left hand high in the air to grab a spinning foul ball headed right for him ... while holding a baby in the other hand.

In an interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia, this dad explained a bit about what made this happen ... specifically, his past experience playing baseball in high school and up into college. Those reflexes never go away, I guess! (Sorry, Kevin Frandsen).

Impressive work, Dad. I bet he could have written this blog post in the time it took me to do it too.