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Feel the intense frustration of this Phillies broadcaster botching a foul ball live on the air

The competitive spirit of a baseball player never wavers. Even years after he hangs up his cleats and transitions to the broadcast booth, as Phillies broadcaster Kevin Frandsen did after his final season as a player in 2015, the hunger is there.

Think of it from your own point of view. You're presumably not a professional athlete. Maybe you played a lot of guitar when you were younger, perhaps, but that interest faded away as the "real world" took over and your rock and roll dreams remained just that: dreams. Given the chance for a surprise gig with a friend's band on little notice, you'd be excited -- but what if you broke a string? Or just forgot how to play?

In that vein, Frandsen had an excellent shot at a foul ball during Wednesday's game against the D-backs at Chase Field. It was literally headed right for him in the broadcast booth. He was ready ... until he wasn't, and the baseball clanked off his bare hands. This all happened live, on the air, and his frustration was MORE than apparent:

Kevin! No!

So close. So agonizingly close. Obviously, broadcasters don't wear gloves in the booth when calling games. That'd be ridiculous. Had Frandsen worn a glove, maybe he'd have reeled this one in. But if he did, this amazing video wouldn't have happened, video of him just screaming out in frustration.

Get 'em next time, kid!

Meanwhile, elsewhere at Chase Field, a Phillies fan holding a baby(!) managed to spear a foul like it was no big deal.

Your move next time, Kevin.