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Three deer took over the outfield and wreaked havoc during a college baseball game

You take some risks every time you play sports outside. For one, the weather could impact the game in terms of rain, heat, cold or even blinding sun. If your field doesn't have lights, you could also run into difficulties if the game carries on past sunset.

But you also open your game up to the area's fauna. Over the years, we've seen plenty of cats, squirrels and even bees impact baseball games and cause delays. I don't think we've ever seen deer interrupt a game before ... until Saturday.

During a contest between Brandeis and Case Western Reserve University, three deer jumped onto the outfield and displaced the three human players already there.

It was a brief delay, but long enough for the commentator to assemble scouting reports on the three deer. Hopefully he passes that on to the coaching staff so they can properly consider the deer's chances at making the squad.