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Dexter Fowler's daughter drew his portrait and he should use it for the 2019 season

Spring Training is starting this week when pitchers and catchers report, and that means one thing is coming: Photo Day. That's the big day when every big leaguer gets to pretend they're a high schooler again and they get a brand new picture to be shown on the scoreboard. But Cardinals outfielder Dexter Fowler already has his picture ready for this year. That's because his five-year-old daughter, Naya, just drew his portrait. 

Fowler's wife, Aliya, shared the image on her Instagram story and just check out those eyelashes. Millions of tubes of mascara have been bought by people dreaming of lashes like that. 


Fowler just better watch out for those sky spiders around his head. He wouldn't want to end up missing time like Glenallen Hill did ...