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Dodgers pitching prospect Dustin May just might have the greatest nickname in baseball today

As an up-and-coming prospect, reputation goes a long way. Sure, the Mike Trouts of the world (of which there is only one) can slip through the Draft and turn heads in the Minors without a ton of hype -- but if you're a top-tier prospect, folks will notice anyway.

Dodgers right-hander Dustin May is a known commodity, of sorts, considering he's the team's No. 2-ranked prospect per MLB Pipeline. And, according to reports that went around Wednesday afternoon, he's getting called up from Triple-A in time to make his debut this weekend against the Padres.

Did you catch that nickname? "Gingergaard"? If you're wondering, yes, that has everything to do with Noah Syndergaard-like repertoire of nasty pitches ...

... and that hair. That glorious, flowing head of hair.

That nickname, earned by May as he's progressed through the Dodgers system, is perfect. Also perfect? That he and Justin Turner will be on the field at the same time.