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This graphic shows why Mike Trout is literally the best at everything in baseball 

Mike Trout the Unstoppable. Mike Trout the Beater of Worlds. Mike Trout the Fearsome and Most Powerful. These are the names that will surely be used to refer to the Angels center fielder in the future. In the past week, he's put on an absolute show. He's displayed his variety of skills that make him the best player in the sport in a single game and then followed that up with an even better one. His only competition is baseball history. There are no superlatives left to describe him.

So, why don't we rely on cold hard numbers. Like, one. That being his American League rank in most major statistical categories:

Is that good? I think that's good. This is saying that there is no one better at hitting the ball for power, getting on-base, driving in runs, or scoring runs himself than Mike Trout. Those are pretty much the things you need to do to be good at baseball, and Trout is the best at all of them.

Actually, this graphic underscores his talents a little. He actually leads the league in more categories:

So, how's that feel? I dunno, but this face looks pretty happy: