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I have found the chillest baby on earth 

(Instagram @pergilstudio)

Babies are anything but chill. They can be funny, they can be annoying, they can be screaming, crying, frightening balls of flesh that you want to hug forever, but they are not chill.

Then there's Franmil Reyes' new baby.

The Indians' outfielder took some photos with his new bundle of joy and -- somehow -- got this baby to relax and snooze and honestly look as blissed out as a person on their third day at the all-inclusive resort who has had more than their fill of booze and buffets.

My personal favorite is the second picture in the carousel. I mean, how did the photographer manage to capture a newborn -- a creature that scientists still don't really understand -- with a baseball in hand and its hand behind its head like it was posing for a magazine cover? Babies don't listen -- babies don't even know what words are!

Considering how stressful everyday life is, and since high levels of cortisol -- the stress hormone -- contribute to an early death, I'm now going to make it my challenge to be as chill as this baby every day.

Of course, maybe it's just a Franmil Reyes thing. Just look at this photo of the slugger in a romper and you know he's not taking anything too seriously:

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