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Giancarlo Stanton took over Jimmy Fallon's desk to thank New York for the welcome -- and the boos

The Yankees employ several players with larger-than-life presences on the field, but it's clear they're also stars off the field as well.
Earlier this week, Aaron Judge did a variety of silly things with Conan O'Brien, visiting the Conan set to wear a judge's outfit (of course), watch Conan's menacing "batting stance," and play MLB The Show 18. 
Not to be outdone, Friday night's edition of The Tonight Show featured a guest spot from Judge's teammate, Giancarlo Stanton, who joined Jimmy Fallon for some laughs and a hearty bout of "Let's Go Yankees" chants -- and address some of the early-season booing he received from fans after his slow start in April: 

In another segment, Fallon took Stanton to task for a very curious preference of Stanton: Eating Kit-Kat bars whole. Remember that whole ordeal a few years back?

The debate raged on, and despite Fallon's efforts to instruct Stanton as to the correct way to eat the candy, he opted for his "whole bar" method anyway:

With this kind of comic presence, Stanton seems like he'd make a pretty solid late-night host one day.