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Ichiro showed that he still has a cannon with a no-hop throw to third

Ichiro is obviously getting up there in age. He turned 45 over the offseason following his 18th year in Major League Baseball. On top of that, he played professionally in Japan for 9 seasons before he joined the Mariners in 2001.

Yet, even at 45 years old, some things about Ichiro seem immune to the normal aging process. His arm for example. During the third inning of Monday's exhibition game against the Yomiuri Giants, Ichiro showed off his arm from right field and deterred a runner from tagging up and advancing a base.

With 123 outfield assists over the course of his MLB career, Ichiro has always been known for his throwing ability (especially to third base). Based on Monday's evidence, it doesn't appear that his arm strength is in danger of diminishing anytime soon.