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Come check out the celebration that caught the Japan All-Star Series by storm

xxx during the game six between Japan and MLB All Stars at Nagoya Dome on November 15, 2018 in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. (Kiyoshi Ota)

Ever since the 2010 Texas Rangers started doing moose antlers whenever a teammate showcased speed on the basepaths, on-base celebrations have become all the rage across the big leagues. That's right, baseball players have been doing coordinated goofy gestures with their friends way before Fortnite emotes started taking over American society. It's not uncommon to see some of the game's biggest stars doing it in some of the season's biggest moments and we're so here for it.

And now, some of baseball's most exciting players have taken the on-base celebration craze global. Throughout the entire Japan All-Star Series, which unfortunately came to a close early Thursday morning, the MLB team has showcased a new and extraordinarily wacky celebration.

Like many other festive displays of merriment, this celebration took off by total chance. During the first game of the series, Carlos Santana waved to Yadier Molina after Yadi got a base knock and Yadi waved back. Apparently, the dugout witnessed the exchange and just started doing it too. Before long, the entire team was involved.

From veterans like Yadi ...

to young stars like Rhys Hoskins.

It's such a simple celebration that even youngins like Ronald Acuna and Juan Soto -- super talented, first and second place in the NL Rookie of the Year type of youngins -- can do it.

You know a celebration has become a thing when even the more intense dudes like Kevin Pillar are reluctantly doing it too.

If you're ever feeling down, I highly recommend just looking at this GIF of Acuna doing the celebration on second base. Look at all that unadulterated baseball joy bursting out of a single Graphics Interchange Format file.