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After whiffing on a slider, Jean Segura showed the pitcher the respect he deserved

Part of being a good competitor is having the ability to respond well to both winning and losing. That is as much true when it comes to an at-bat -- or even a single pitch -- as it is on the level of a game or season.

The Phillies beat the Rockies on Sunday afternoon, 7-5. But on a 2-0 pitch in the eighth inning, Jean Segura lost -- badly. Yet, he wasn't a sore loser. In fact, he was a model of grace.

Yency Almonte's slider dominated Segura there. There's no disputing that. So, Segura took it in stride and, before he even got back on his feet, congratulated Almonte on throwing such a nasty pitch.

Sometimes when you lose, the only thing you can do is give props to your opponent.