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Super fiancee J-Lo surprised A-Rod in the Sunday Night Baseball booth with a birthday cake

Even under normal circumstances, Alex Rodriguez's life seems really busy. Not only does he have a weekly obligation to travel and broadcast games for Sunday Night Baseball, but he's also engaged to Jennifer Lopez. That arrangement finds him at all manner of fashion shows and red carpet events. It seems exhausting.

The last week has been busy even by A-Rod's standards. He celebrated J-Lo's 50th birthday and came out a bit worse for the wear. The celebrations had him questioning whether getting older is really all it's cracked up to be.

When A-Rod's birthday came around just days after J-Lo's, he was all birthday'd out. When she sneaked into the broadcast booth Sunday Night with a birthday cake for her future husband, his birthday fatigue was on full display.

As it turned out, A-Rod didn't even bother to eat the cake. After the game, it showed up in the press box completely untouched.

The assembled media clearly didn't share A-Rod's aversion to cake. They appeared to make quick work of his birthday treat.

At least someone got to celebrate A-Rod's birthday in style. Hopefully the man himself can use the next couple days to recover from a busy week and come back for a chance at a belated birthday celebration.

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