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Ji-Man Choi needed full-on CPR from his teammates after sprinting all the way around the bases

One of the simple joys in life is coming home from the gym or a spirited game of pickup basketball and enjoying a tall, cold glass of water in front of a blowing fan. It helps with recovery, sure, but it also just feels really good to relax a bit after a period of physical exertion.

During the fourth inning of Monday's game against the Blue Jays, Rays first baseman Ji-Man Choi had a strenuous adventure around the basepaths after errors allowed him to stretch a single into a run.

After all that running, Choi was understandably exhausted. Fortunately, Guillermo Heredia was around with a towel and his CPR training to make sure Choi properly recovered from his sprint around the bases.

Thanks to Heredia's pop-up recovery spa, Choi was able to get his legs back and take the field just minutes later. That's the value of having good teammates. Congrats to the Rays on putting together a true team effort.