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Joe Buck wants this fan's Joe Buck-hating shirt 

You can't think of October baseball without hearing Joe Buck's voice in your head. He's been narrating baseball's biggest moments since he became FOX's lead play-by-play person in 1996. That's 23 years -- there are people who were born and can now legally drink all while Buck has been calling postseason action.

Which, sure enough, means that there are people who don't like him. That's just how the game goes: If you're famous, some people won't like you (unless you're Keanu Reeves. No one doesn't like Keanu Reeves).

So, during the Astros-Yankees ALCS, one fan was spotted behind home plate with a "Joe Buck Sucks" shirt. If he was hoping that Buck would see him and be cut so deeply that he would immediately resign his position and take up a job in forestry, well, that didn't happen.

Instead, Buck wants one of the tees:

When you come for the king of broadcasting, you better not miss -- like on this missed connection: