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Joe Kelly's son told the entire Dodgers clubhouse that his favorite 'team' was Mookie Betts

Joe Kelly's son, Knox, came onto our radar last October after his dad and the Red Sox won the World Series. The 2-year-old just started yelling "Mookie Betts!" into an interviewer's microphone -- something Bostonians probably do every day and night during the summer months.

But now, Kelly is on the Dodgers. A new organization with new players who lost to the dreaded Red Sox in last year's Fall Classic. Young Knox, who's been hanging around with his dad at Spring Training this year, was invited into the clubhouse on Monday to talk to manager Dave Roberts and the rest of the team. You'd think that all these big changes might, you know, change his baseball opinions -- but Knox will not back down. When Roberts asked who his favorite team (team!) was, what do you think Knox said?

I mean, a team of Mookie Bettses would be pretty good.

And maybe that's just Knox's answer for everything? Favorite pizza? Mookie Betts. Favorite short story adapted to the big screen? Mookie Betts.

Who can really blame him.